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How Does Bumble Work?

How Does Bumble Work?

How does Bumble Work

How Does Bumble Work? BUMBLE is one of the most popular dating apps in the world – with over 100 million users.


Bumble is a dating app similar to Tinder, where daters create a small profile of themselves with pictures and they can swipe through potential suitors.


Users can swipe right to “like” a profile and left to reject, and when two people have both “liked” each other’s profile it is a match.


How Does Bumble Work? However, Bumble only allows the female to make the first move and she has to send the first message.


If the woman doesn’t send the first message within 24 hours after pairing, the match is lost.


The app is believed to have 100 million users worldwide.


The app is accredited with millions of matches and thousands of weddings and engagements.


How Does Bumble Work? To use Bumble you first have to download the app from your app store and create an account, which you can do through Facebook.


How Does Bumble Work? You can then choose pictures from your Facebook account to be included in your profile and you can also write a short bio about yourself.


How Does Bumble Work? The app then uses your location to scan for potential matches around you using your preferences on gender, age and how far away they are.


If you see a match you like, you swipe right, if you are not so keen you swipe left.


How Does Bumble Work? When you and another person both swipe right for each other, you match and then the female has 24 hours to make the first move and message.


If she doesn’t the match is lost and you can no longer message each other.


Or even if she does message, if the guy doesn’t reply within a day, the match also disappears forever.


How Does Bumble Work? It is up to the woman to send the first message. This feature was created to inspire women to make the first move, to give them more power on the app and to prevent them from being bombarded with messages from men.


How Does Bumble Work? The match expires after 24 hours, but men can extend the window for an additional 24 hours if they pay a fee.


It is free, but there are paid features and perks

There is no sign-up fee for the app.


However, there are some extra features such as being able to swipe through the profiles that have already liked you for a fee.


How Does Bumble Work? Also, men can pay for an additional 24 hours to see if their match will send them a message.


How Does Bumble Work? There is also a Rematch feature that will have potential suitors pop up after not matching the first time to try and get them to match again.


How Does Bumble Work? It’s not just for heterosexual couples

The app does not require you to define your sexuality.


It asks if you are interested in men, women or both.


If your preference isn’t a female/male match, the app allows either person to message first.


The profile can be verified

How Does Bumble Work? Bumble has a feature to verify daters by having them take a picture doing a certain motion to prove it is them.


How Does Bumble Work? The app then adds a checkmark to the profile to show potential matches that they are real people.


It is to prevent internet bots and people from catfishing others.


Do celebrities use Bumble?

You would think that celebs would have no problem getting dates, but it seems they have been taken in by dating apps just like the rest of us.


Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing was once spotted on Bumble following his split from cheating girlfriend Frankie Gaff.


He’s now happily in a relationship with co-star Sophie Habbo.


Actress Sharon Stone once got blocked from Bumble because her profile was reported as fake.


Bumble has a tool to help it fight unsolicited d**k pics being sent and received by users.


It’s one of the few dating apps that let users trade photos.


How Does Bumble Work? Artificial intelligence is used to scan pictures sent in chats for signs of lewd imagery and both blur them out and stick a warning on them if they’re too rude.


The photo will be blurred, with a message underneath that reads: “This photo is blurred to protect you from inappropriate content.”


Recipients can choose to block and report the photo if they wish, or open it anyway.


How Does Bumble Work Step By Step?

How does Bumble Work Step By Step

How Does Bumble Work Step By Step? Despite many new additions to the dating app landscape, Bumble continues to be one of the most popular apps with 40 million users as of February 2021.


The app, known for its unique feature of only allowing women to message first, remains in close competition with Tinder as a “top” dating app. But how does Bumble work — and is it better than Tinder?


How Does Bumble Work Step By Step? Step 1

To create an account on Bumble, sign up with either your Facebook account or your phone number.


From there, you create your profile: add photos, write a bio, share traits like astrology signs and exercise level, and answer prompts like “I’m a great +1 because.”


Before using Bumble, you’ll also want to set your match preferences. You can set “Date Filters” to determine age and location ranges, as well as whether you want to see men, women, or everyone (there’s no specific option for non-binary or trans users).


With a free Bumble account, you can set two out of 11 “Advanced Filters” and sift out users based on other factors like lifestyle (such as drinking or smoking) or what they’re looking for (like something casual or a relationship). You can set as many Advanced Filters as you want with a Premium account.


With Bumble Boost, users can backtrack (reverse a left swipe); extend time on matches for an additional 24 hours; receive unlimited swipes, one Spotlight per week (putting your profile at the top of the swiping “stack”), and five SuperSwipes a week (letting a potential match know beforehand that you want to match).


How Does Bumble Work Step By Step? Step 2

After completing your profile and preferences, it’s time to swipe. Bumble is similar to Tinder: swipe left to dislike, and right to like.


Scroll down to view more of a viewer’s profile. Bumble doesn’t give a specific number of swipes free accounts have per day, but if the app notices you’re on a frenzy, they’ll limit your swipes for 24 hours.


As noted earlier, Bumble has a unique feature that only allows women to message first (unless you’re a man messaging another man).


How Does Bumble Work Step By Step? Step 3

If you’re a woman, you have 24 hours to respond to a match, or else it disappears — barring your one extension per day on a free account.


How Does Bumble Work Step By Step? Once your message is, it’s in your match’s hands. If they don’t message back within 24 hours, the match expires too.


Should both of your messages be, the match won’t go away unless you manually report or unmatch the other person.


You don’t have to use Bumble to date (“Bumble Date”), however. There’s Bumble BFF, for those looking for platonic relationships, and Bumble Bizz, a networking offshoot.


The UX is similar, where you swipe to match with users. Users can only choose one set at a time, though.


How Do You Get Matches On Bumble?

How do you get matches on Bumble

How Do You Get Matches On Bumble? If you’re brand new to Bumble, understanding how matching works might seem complicated—especially if you’re coming from an app like Tinder or Hinge.


Although matching is the most intimidating aspect of Bumble, it’s easy to make matches.


It’s also free! This will teach you everything you need to know about making a match on Bumble, including what happens after you swipe right and who makes the first move.


How Do You Get Matches On Bumble? Swipe right on a profile that interests you.

Once you launch the app, tap the Hive to show your match queue.


If you see a profile you like, swiping right is the first step in making a match. If you swipe left, that means you aren’t interested in the person, and you’ll advance to the next person in your queue.


Swiping right does not notify the person that you liked them. They won’t find out you like them until they also swipe right on you, or they subscribe to Bumble Premium, where you’ll appear on their Beeline.


How Do You Get Matches On Bumble? If you want the person to know you like them right away, you can SuperSwipe them. You can buy individual SuperSwipes or subscribe to Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium to receive 5 SuperSwipes per week


How Do You Get Matches On Bumble? If that person also swipes right on you, you’ll have a match.


If they swiped right on you before you swiped on them, you’ll see a yellow notification that says “You Matched!” Otherwise, you won’t see a notification unless they swipe right on you in the future.


How Do You Get Matches On Bumble? If the person swipes left on your profile, you will not get a match. You also won’t be notified about any left swipes on your profile.


Don’t be discouraged if nothing happens when you swipe right on someone. It’s possible that the person you swiped on just hasn’t come across your profile yet.


After You’ve Matched, The person with First Move privileges must send a message within 24 hours of a match.


If the person who has this privilege doesn’t send a message within 24 hours, the match will expire.


Who can make the first move depends on the gender of the people involved in the match:

If the match is between a man and a woman, the woman must send the first message.


Men cannot initiate a chat with a woman on Bumble.

If the match is between two people of the same gender, either person can make the first move.


The person who didn’t send the first message then has 24 hours to respond.

Once the person with First Move privileges sends a message, the recipient must reply within 24 hours to keep the match alive.


As long as they respond, the connection will not expire, and you can keep chatting for as many days between messages as you need.


You can extend the match if you’re short on time.

If you miss your chance to send or reply to the first message, you can extend up to one match per day with your Bumble free account.


If you have Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium, you can extend as many matches per day as you’d like.


But as with sending the first message, extending a match works differently depending on your gender:


If the match is between a man and a woman, the woman can extend the match for 24 hours before they send the first message.


Men can extend the match only if the woman does not make the first move within the first 24 hours.


If the match is between two people of the same gender, either person can extend the match at any time before someone makes the first move.


What happens if my match expires?

You can rematch with expired matches.

If you didn’t send the first message (or reply to the first message) before the 24-hour clock ran out, the match would expire.


If the match expires because you didn’t act quickly enough, you’ll be able to rematch with that person in the future.


However, if they were the ones who didn’t write quickly enough, it’s up to them to rematch.

If you have the free version of Bumble, you can rematch once that person shows up in your queue again.


If you pay for Bumble Premium, you can rematch instantly as long as you’re the person who let the match expire.


What Happens If I Swipe Right On Bumble?

what happens if I Swipe Right On Bumble

What Happens If I Swipe Right On Bumble?

To swipe left or to swipe right on Bumble should be a pretty straightforward decision, right? Or maybe it is more nuanced than just swiping based on how hot you find someone


Bumble right swipe means that you find a Bumble profile attractive by moving (swiping) your finger right across the profile photo of a person on the touchscreen.


So if you find someone attractive on Bumble and think that you could have a nice conversation with her, you should swipe right.


There is no separate icon for liking someone on Bumble (on Tinder you can also tap on the green heart icon to like someone), so your only option is to swipe right.


What Happens If I Swipe Right On Bumble?

When you swipe right on someone on Bumble, two things can happen.


What Happens If I Swipe Right On Bumble?

If the other person had already swiped you right before your right swipe then right after the swiping you get an instant Bumble match and you can check out her profile once again in the Bumble match queue.


What Happens If I Swipe Right On Bumble?

As Bumble is giving power to women, if you are a man, you have to wait for the girl to message you first so that you can also message her.


As a woman, you have 24 hours to send the first message, or your Bumble match will disappear.


What Happens If I Swipe Right On Bumble?

A Bumble Swipe left is the exact opposite of a right swipe, you move the profile picture of the Bumble profile you see on your screen left.


This means that you don’t find her attractive, or even if she has an attractive profile you wouldn’t think that a meetup would be realistic.


How Does Bumble Work For A Guy?

How does Bumble Work For A Guy

How Does Bumble Work For A Guy? Bumble works the same for men and women, except that men aren’t allowed to send the first message to a woman they’ve matched with.


Once a woman sends a message to a man, they can chat without any restrictions.

After making a match on Bumble, you can see and chat with contacts from the conversation page.


How Does Bumble Work For A Guy? However, for men, there is one major difference: If you’re a man that’s matched with a woman, you can’t send her a message first.


Instead, the woman needs to send the first message. In a same-sex match, though, either person can initiate a conversation.


How Bumble’s matching algorithm works

Bumble doesn’t publish much about how its algorithm works, but it’s evident that it doesn’t learn your preferences to customize the profiles it shows you based on previous swipes or matches.


Instead, the app prioritizes profiles that have received a lot of right swipes and will try to show people who have swiped right on you to make potential matches easier to discover.


How Does Bumble Work For A Guy? As a general rule, you shouldn’t swipe right on a large number of profiles in a short period. It indicates that you’re either insincere or a bot, and the app will make it harder for other users to discover you.


Bumble matches are never one-sided – both people need to swipe right on one another for a match to occur. Only after that can two people start a conversation.


Once you’ve made a match – both you and the other person have swiped right on each other – it appears at the top of your Conversations page (which you can find by tapping the chat icon at the bottom-right of the Bumble screen).


The top of the page is your match queue, which shows matches and if you’ve upgraded to Bumble Premium, your “Beeline.” Ordinary matches have a yellow circle, while the Beeline is contained in a green circle.


The Beeline is a list of profiles who have swiped right on you but haven’t swiped right on yet.


This makes it easier to find a match. To view the potential matches on your Beeline, you have to upgrade to Bumble Premium, which you can do every week or for longer subscription periods.


Top 3 Bumble Tips for Men

How Does Bumble Work For A Guy? 1. Get her talking about herself

When a woman messages you, don’t just answer her questions — ask her questions back. This is the difference between an easy conversation and a hard one.


  1. Close dates with this line

“Hey, would you be down to grab coffee/a drink/lunch sometime?” Boom.


How Does Bumble Work For A Guy? 3. Test your pics on Photofeeler to find your best

I’ll just say it: most straight men are terrible at picking photos of themselves. This is good news for you, however, because fixing this mistake will put you ahead of the competition.


Fixing your pictures can easily make the difference between getting 0 matches vs. more matches than you can handle.


So before you waste potential matches on Bumble, be sure to run yours through women your age on Photofeeler.


Photofeeler tells you exactly how you’re coming across in pics (do you look attractive, smart, trustworthy, fun, confident, etc.?) You can even get specific written feedback.


Is Bumble Better Or Tinder?

Is Bumble Better Or Tinder

Is Bumble Better Or Tinder? Though Tinder was launched in September 2012, a little over two years before Bumble’s December 2014 launch, its younger app sibling has covered a fair amount of cultural ground in recent years.


While Tinder’s raw user numbers dwarf Bumble’s — in no small part because of its success outside the United States, making it a truly global app — Bumble is still the second highest-grossing dating app in the world, boasting over 12.3 million monthly active users, according to SensorTower.


One noteworthy aspect linking the two apps is the fact that Bumble’s founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd, is an ex-Tinder employee who left the company determined to start her app after her negative experiences at Tinder.


But perhaps the most salient reason to compare the two is the fact that Bumble has been billed as an alternative to Tinder since it first launched — specifically, it’s often referred to as “feminist Tinder.”


That’s because the basic mechanics of the two apps are essentially identical — you swipe through a seemingly endless stack of other users’ profile photos (right to indicate your interest in them and left to indicate your non-interest),


then when two users have both swiped right on each other, they’re notified and allowed to chat with one another. Now, here’s where we see one simple but impactful difference:


On Bumble, straight men can’t message women until the woman has initiated the conversation.


So what does that mean for you? Will you have a better success rate on Tinder or Bumble? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Read on to discover which app offers the better online dating experience for you.


Tinder’s Features vs. Bumble’s Features

When Tinder launched in 2012, its popularity was in large part the product of three noteworthy features:


  • A geolocating feature that showed you only users within a certain radius of you
  • The ability to swipe on other users’ profile pictures to indicate your interest
  • The fact that unless you “matched,” you couldn’t message anyone

While the geolocating feature was similar to the one that had driven the incredible success of Grindr, the hookup app for gay men launched in 2009, Tinder was the first time it had been used in a dating app for people who identified as straight.


That aspect, along with the other two aforementioned features, helped shift online dating from a tedious, reading-heavy process into something that felt more like a fun, instantly responsive mobile game.


The app was addictive, and its success led to established competitors like OkCupid designing Tinder-like versions of their site, as well as the creation of brand new apps with similar layouts.


The most prominent of those has been Bumble, which replicates the profile pic-swiping mechanism and the geolocation-based aspect as well.


Since their creation, however, both apps have added myriad new features and options in an attempt to improve to keep things fresh and exciting.


You can now link your Tinder and Bumble profile with your Instagram and Spotify accounts, for instance, allowing people to see what your photos are like outside of the ones you’ve uploaded, as well as sample your taste in music.


Is Bumble Better Or Tinder? Tinder and Bumble also now allow users to undo accidental left swipes, though both apps embed this feature within their paid memberships.


And in the last two years, both apps added the ability to conduct in-app video calls, without having to share personal information like a phone number or last name.


Is Bumble Better Or Tinder?

Tinder’s Sign-Up Process vs. Bumble’s Sign-Up Process

Unlike the lengthy sign-up processes of online dating sites in the early 2000s, well-run apps in today’s day and age have A/B tested the sign-up process into oblivion, and have largely concluded that the faster, the better.


As a result, signing up for either app is pretty straightforward, and doesn’t involve filling out any forms or conveying much personal data or preferences.


To discourage fake accounts, both Bumble and Tinder ask you to sign up using some means of identity verification — your phone number, in Tinder’s case, or your phone number, Facebook account or Apple ID in Bumble’s.


After creating the account, you’re prompted to build your profile.


On Bumble, you’ll share your first name and then add a minimum of two (and maximum of six) photos, either from Instagram, Facebook, or your camera/camera roll.


You’ll also have to share your date of birth with Bumble (only adults 18+ can use Bumble), though they’ll only show your age to potential matches.


Next, you’ll select your gender (woman, man or non-binary), or click “more gender options” to access an extensive list of gender identities – including trans identities, gender-fluid identities, gender-questioning, etc – sourced in conjunction with GLAAD, HRC and other LGBTQIA+ advocacy groups (major props to Bumble!).


Once you’ve shared this personal info with Bumble, you’ll be prompted to choose one of three ways to use the app:


Bumble Bizz for professional networking, Bumble BFF for finding friends, and Bumble Dating for making romantic connections.


If you choose the dating option, you’ll be asked which gender you’re interested in connecting with, as well as to say what you’re looking for on the app: “something casual,” “not sure yet,” “a relationship” or “prefer not to say.”


Finally, you’ll be asked to supply a recovery email address, if you somehow lose access to your account, as well as agree to Bumble’s Registration Pledge, essentially stipulating that you’ll be on your best behaviour while using the app or else they’ll reserve the right to kick you off.


This is part of Bumble’s commitment to removing the toxicity that tends to seep into online dating, and we’re all for it.


Tinder’s process is slightly different — after adding your name, your birthday and identifying yourself as either man or woman, you’re allowed to add the school you’re attending before uploading any pictures.


Swiping starts right after you select your sexual orientation and gender preferences (men, women or everyone).


One of the longstanding criticisms of Tinder was safety, as their fast signup process made it easy for bots, catfishers and other unsavoury people to use the app, but in 2020 they addressed these concerns through their Photo Verification software, enabling users to trust that the person they’re matching with is who they say they are.


Users who verify, by taking a series of real-time selfies in specific poses, will be granted a blue check in their profiles.


Both apps allow for more details to be filled in later on, but you can jump into using the apps to their full capacity within a minute or two at most.


That having been said, because of its slew of extra options, and its straightforward approach, we give the edge to Bumble.

Winner: Bumble


Is Bumble Better Or Tinder? Tinder’s Pricing vs. Bumble’s Pricing

Since their respective launches, both apps have been free to download and use, meaning you can match and exchange messages with real people without ever paying a dime.


However, as with many ostensibly free apps — dating or otherwise — Tinder and Bumble monetize their platforms by charging for certain bonus features and restricting what free users can do in some cases.


Tinder, in particular, has clamped down on the free usage of its app in recent years by limiting the number of swipes users can make in a single day, allowing for 100 right swipes per day.


That might sound like a lot to the uninitiated, but depending on how picky you are and how quickly you go through profiles, you could easily burn through them in just 15 minutes or so.


Tinder now offers three subscription tiers, in ascending order of price and features: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum, with the prices varying by your region.


The basic Tinder Plus account hides ads, gives you unlimited likes and Rewinds (undoing an accidental swipe), and the ability to use their Passport feature to swipe internationally.


Tinder Gold gives you all of these features, plus free Super Likes (allowing the person to know you’ve liked them), a curated list of potential matches (“Top Picks”), a list of people who have liked you, and a free profile boost each month, making you more visible to singles in your area.


Tinder Platinum adds all the aforementioned features, plus the ability to send messages to people before matching with them, plus Priority Likes, which causes your Likes and Super Likes to show up faster than non-subscribers.


Bumble offers just two subscription tiers: Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium. Bumble Boost starts at $7.99 per month in the United States and can be purchased in periods of one week, one month, three months or six months.


Boost offers unlimited likes and “Backtracks” (the ability to undo an accidental left-swipe), plus it gives users the ability to extend the shelf-life of matches past the 24-hour cutoff point (Extend), one Spotlight (a profile visibility boost) per week, and 5 SuperSwipes (lets someone know you liked their profile) per week.


Bumble Premium adds all of the above features, plus the ability to swipe without people seeing your profile (Incognito), the ability to swipe in other cities and countries (Travel mode), the ability to see who has liked your profile (Beeline), and unlimited “advanced filters,” allowing you to filter matches based on religion, politics, attitude towards pets, fitness, and even astrology signs.


Is Bumble Better Or Tinder? Is there a clear winner here? We don’t think so.

Winner: Tinder


Do Guys Message First On Bumble?

Do guys message first on Bumble

Do Guys Message First On Bumble? No, they don’t. If someone matches with the same gender, either person can send a message to start a conversation. Things change quite a bit when a guy and gal match though.


Do Guys Message First On Bumble? The main M.O. of Bumble is that in this sort of match guys can’t message first.


Do Guys Message First On Bumble? No. This puts the ball in the female’s court. When (and if) she sends a message to the guy, then and only then can he send his message.


She would have to send this message within 24 hours, otherwise, the match would expire, deleting the match completely.


The same goes for if the female was to send the first message and the guy didn’t reply within 24 hours.


Do Guys Message First On Bumble? Only women can message first. This is what makes Bumble so popular in my opinion, as it stops ghosting and encourages actual conversations.


There is an option to extend the 24 hours if you don’t receive that message from that person you’re really into, but it is paid extra.


Do Guys Message First On Bumble? No.

After you and your match have jumped over all these hurdles, congratulations, you can now message each other freely without worrying about your match expiring.


What Does A Guy See When You Match On Bumble?

What does a guy see when you match on Bumble

What Does A Guy See When You Match On Bumble? There are three main things visible to a guy looking at Bumble, and these are the same as what women will see on their feeds.


What Does A Guy See When You Match On Bumble? For each user who pops up in a guy’s feed, he’ll see:


  1. Basic info (name, age, and job if included)


  1. Photos (possibly including adorable pets)


  1. Social media like Spotify or Instagram (entirely optional!)


And that’s it! It can be awkward deciding what information to give out on dating apps, but Bumble doesn’t ask for as much as say, Hinge with its mandatory prompts. You have the power to keep yourself to yourself on Bumble.


This is another way in which Bumble is similar for guys, girls, and anyone in between. Unless a match is made, all Bumble users only know they’ve been liked if they’re paying for Bumble Premium and using the Beeline feature.


Of course, modern life is expensive enough and most users keep to Bumble’s free version.


If you’re seeing a user repeatedly, that may mean they liked you. Of course, it might also mean there aren’t a lot of singles who meet your criteria in your area!


Your two choices when that’s the case? Well, you can move or lower your standards. Or maybe try another dating app?


What Does A Guy See When You Match On Bumble? On Bumble, guys will see a match with a female user but won’t be able to talk to her until the girl decides to start the conversation.


What Does A Guy See When You Match On Bumble? Until then, they’ll only see what’s already been made public (the same picture, bio, name/age/location they swiped right on).


What Does A Guy See When You Match On Bumble? Chances are most guys are going to be spending this wait-for conversation nervous about what they’re going to say!


As a guy, you don’t need to worry about what to open with, but you do have to keep things going after that.


Can Guys On Bumble See When You Look At Their Profile?

can Guys on Bumble see when you look at their profile

Can Guys On Bumble See When You Look At Their Profile? Unfortunately, no, you can’t see who views your Bumble profile.


While it may be nice to know who has viewed your Bumble profile, it is simply not an option. Sure, this would be useful to know if someone has been viewing your profile as much as you have theirs.


There is talk of the closest you can come to this is to view your “Read Receipts” however; this is only available if you have paid for Bumble Premium.


Even then this only applies to matches, and if your match has opted out of sharing their info this will not work.


Can Guys On Bumble See When You Look At Their Profile? While it would be nice to know if someone has been peeping at your Bumble profile as much as you may hope, unfortunately, no, you cannot tell how many times someone has viewed your profile.


This could be a useful tool to measure if the admiration is shared with someone; however, this could pose a security risk; even if Bumble may appear shallow with its scroll and swipe style of matching, it still holds its security at the highest of priority.


Can Guys On Bumble See When You Look At Their Profile? No

So, while this may be irritating, it’s also necessary as this could be taken advantage of by creepers or stalkers that no one wants or should have to deal with.


Also, is it that important to know how many times they have viewed your profile, seeing as if they are indeed interested they will swipe right or could give you a super like, maybe even message you, which almost guarantees that they have viewed your Bumble profile.


If this may be regarding someone you do not want viewing your Bumble profile then how many times they have viewed it is irrelevant, seeing as they have viewed it and will most likely continue to do so.


Can Guys On Bumble See When You Look At Their Profile? Seeing as there is no way to see who or how many times someone has viewed your Bumble profile, it stands to reason that there is no notification for someone viewing your Bumble profile.


Can Guys On Bumble See When You Look At Their Profile? No, they can’t. One of the few push notifications Bumble will send you is if your profile has become hidden which essentially bans you from the dating aspect of the application (app); the other case is if there is a security breach, though they will most likely reach you by email if that is the case.


What Do You Say First On Bumble?

what do you say first on Bumble

What Do You Say First On Bumble? Starting a conversation with a new match is one of the most exciting parts of the Bumble experience.


But when there are a million ways to make the first move, how can you choose the right opening line?


To help you in that intoxicating moment when you’ve made a match you feel really good about, we’ve put together a list of convo starters to get the chat going. Pick one that feels right for the match!


What Do You Say First On Bumble?

  • I think your dog and I would look cute together.
  • I’d just like to point out that we looked pretty good together on the match screen.


What Do You Say First On Bumble? Well, I guess we both have good taste.


Speed round: Two truths and a lie. Go!


What Do You Say First On Bumble? Hi! The photo of you … is so fun! Tell me more about that day.


  • I don’t share my fries, but for you, I MIGHT make an exception.


  • Hi! What’s the highlight of your week so far?

Ok, so I just happen to know the best-hidden gem in town.


  • We should meet there for a drink.

Let’s play a round of “would you rather”… fight a bear or a shark?


What Do You Say First On Bumble? Important question: what’s your favourite kind of ice cream?


  • I need to know, which part of the restaurant menu do you look at first?
  • Hey! How do you order your coffee? Asking for when we meet for coffee 🙂
  • Because it matters, what is your go-to karaoke song?
  • Let’s skip the small talk. Is there a topic you know a surprising amount of that most people don’t?
  • Ok, tell me, what’s the most extreme dare you’ve ever accepted?
  • Nice to meet you. If you play your cards right, I’ll tag you in all the best memes.
  • Ok, what is the one thing you can’t travel without?
  • Starting a convo is hard! I’m stuck between asking you about your last road trip or your favourite meal. Which should I ask you?
  • Important question: how do you feel about sharing food?
  • Kiss, marry, kill: queso, guacamole, salsa?
  • Pineapple on pizza. Yes or no?
  • Where can I find you on Saturday at 2 AM?
  • What is the worst thing you ever did that your parents caught you doing in high school?
  • If you could win an Olympic medal for something (real or fake) what would it be?
  • What’s your hidden talent?
  • What do you wish more people noticed about you?
  • What would you go viral for?
  • What’s the worst pickup line you’ve gotten on Bumble?
  • I’ve got to know, what song have you overplayed lately?
  • If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you have to have with you?
  • If you could be the spokesperson for any person or product, who/what would it be?
  • What are your top three restaurants in town?
  • Important compatibility question: French fries or baked potato?


Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Reads Your Message?

Does Bumble tell you when someone reads your message

Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Reads Your Message? Bumble doesn’t have read receipts for its messages.


This means that the other user won’t be able to tell if you’ve read their message or not, and the same goes for you as well.


Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Reads Your Message? Unlike other apps, it also doesn’t inform the other user if you take a screenshot of the chat. This is probably for the better because of several privacy reasons.


This approach has its advantages and disadvantages.


Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Reads Your Message? Not triggering a read receipt means that the recipient doesn’t have any pressure to reply soon thinking that the other person knows that their message has been read. This lets people carefully consider their replies and come up with better ones.


Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Reads Your Message? No. However, that doesn’t mean that the app keeps users completely in the dark. They will be able to see when their message gets sent and then delivered.


This does give users some certainty about whether or not their message has been read or at least seen by the recipient.


Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Reads Your Message? There is no way of knowing that your message has been read with absolute certainty at the moment.


How Does Bumble Work Conclusion

How does Bumble Work Conclusion

How Does Bumble Work Conclusion. Bumble isn’t just for dating, the app also has features to help you find friends and to network.


How Does Bumble Work Conclusion. By switching the app to BFF mode it provides the user with people of the same sex that Bumble thinks will make a good friendship.


Bumble Bizz allows users to network and build their careers.

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