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How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most

How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most

How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most

How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. Sometimes, one may find himself in the middle of not wanting to love someone any longer. This could be necessitated by occasions where someone loves another but that other person does not reciprocate the love.


The other person does not feel the same way. Such a situation can also result where continuing to love someone may pose a risk or threat of any kind to the person who so loves. As we all go through our lives, we will meet people with whom we could fall in love, whom we admire, and to whom we are or would be attracted.


It could be anyone, but some factors may render the circumstance less desirable. Sometimes it could be the age difference and incompatibility, life circumstances, or social factors such as social class, and religious indifferences.


It could also be that in a relationship, one outgrew the bond while the other did not. While it is possible that you cannot stop loving this person since love is a natural and independent occurrence; it is possible to render the love cold.


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most.


  1. Ascertain your actual feeling and position


The first thing to do is to ascertain what exactly it is that you feel. Do you love this person or are those mere infatuations? If this is answered in the affirmative, then proceed to determine your position.


What exact purpose are you striving to achieve? In this case, the answer should be that you wish to stop loving the person.


If the answer remains so from all indications, then, this preliminary self-assessment exercise will enable you to prepare your mind for the goal which you intend to achieve. Remind yourself that it is very okay to have decided not to love someone.


  1. Ascertain why you desire to stop loving the person


Under this heading, you are to discover by yourself the various reasons why you have decided to stop loving the person. There must have been a reason or reasons why one would not want an existing love setting to continue.


The reasons are always in your favour; so you should not be scared of discovering them. Find out those reasons and rub them in your face whenever a thought of that person comes up in your mind.


  1. Focus on yourself


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. For the fact that you have loved that person, it is ordinary to focus on him. The thought of that person may become incessant. You’d probably worry about getting rid of this love all the time. This takes back to the thoughts about that person.


To stop loving someone, you should spend more time focusing on yourself than you focus on any other. Spend ample time with yourself; worry about yourself instead. Since in a love relationship, the worry and thoughts are always about “us”.


You should detach yourself from that circle and normalize the thoughts about just you. Give yourself the best possible treat and try to acknowledge how well you are doing even without that person. Getting busy with your life will make you worry less about people.


  1. Detach yourself from the person Online


Trying to stop loving someone? You should consider becoming less visible to that person online.


You should unfollow that person on all online platforms, after all when you unfollow people; they are not notified by the media system. Remember this is someone whom it is difficult for you to stop loving. Removing traces of him online will give you peace and keep you far away from him.


  1. Detach yourself physically


This does not suggest that you should avoid occasions of having a physical encounter with the person. Seeing the person frequently will reawaken the feeling of uncertainty in you.


You may become uncertain as to whether you wish to stop loving this person. Remember that you have passed this stage before which was the stage of ascertaining your actual feeling and position.


There is no point going back there. The longer the physical distance is, the more opportunity it affords your feelings to stop loving the person.


  1. Prioritize other relationships


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. That person whom you so desire to stop loving is probably never the only close relationship you have made. You have your family and friends well surrounded.


You should focus on having the best of those relationships. By prioritizing your family and friends, it helps you to get over the person whom you so desire to stop loving. Then, you should channel the energy to your family and friends and see how much ease you get.


  1. Accept the Rejection


In a case where it was you who got rejected, you should accept the rejection and move on, remember that it could have been the other way round, and if it was, you would still consider the fact that it is in your favour as a valid reason. The feeling of love can never be imposed, learned, or acquired, but you can get over it and render the feeling cold.


Any further persistence for the person to accept you back would be an imposition. The outcome is always not fair. You should save yourself some respect and accept the rejection. That is the only way you can feel better.


Remind yourself that when someone rejects you, there is no reason to continue loving that person. The fact that he rejected a golden you is enough provocation to stop loving him.


  1. Constantly remind yourself of your objective


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. Never forget for a moment that you are purpose-driven to stop loving this person. This also will help you to avoid the occasions of physical and possible online encounters with the person.


  1. Focus on the Future


The future has a lot in stock for you. There are so many people out there. Why channel the right energy into the wrong person? Love not appreciated is a love wasted. If the desire to stop loving someone was necessitated by rejection, you should move on to the next.


Where it was necessitated by social circumstance, incompatibility, and other factors, then you should constantly bear the future in mind, which is the purpose which you intend to avoid.


Think about the possible consequences of those indifferences, and then balance it with the anticipation of the better stock that the future has for you. These thoughts will help shield your mind away from that person whom you so desire to stop loving.


  1. Consider seeing a Therapist


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. Therapists will guide you towards attaining your purpose when it concerns emotions and psychology. Seeing a therapist will go a long way in getting you over someone whom you wish to stop loving.

Can You Unlove Someone You Truly Love?

Can You Unlove Someone You Truly Love

Can You Unlove Someone You Truly Love? Not all those that we love are for keeps. While there are the lucky ones who find the love that lasts, there are also some who bump into a great love along the way, only to lose it after a matter of time.


You cannot blame anyone when it comes to love that didn’t last. It’s because sometimes, it’s not meant to be, no matter how hard you fought for it.


Learning to stop loving someone you know you “truly love” is probably the most difficult lesson in life, as nobody deserves to reach this point. But yes, there are instances when you just wake up and realize that it has already happened, even if you try to deny it.


Can You Unlove Someone You Truly Love? Sadly, it’s possible. How? You may want to take a look at these scenarios:


  1. When you finally see no reason for continuing the love.


They say true love means allowing each other to grow. Indeed, you grow and become more mature each day, but the time also comes when there’s nothing to go beyond your limit. There are times when you and your partner get stuck in limbo, with nobody wanting to move or make an effort to progress.


You no longer think about things that you two can do as a couple. You no longer think about what makes each other happy, comforted, or emotional. And on your side, when you no longer see your partner as a daily inspiration to live, that may be a sign that you’ve just stopped the love.


This doesn’t mean that you no longer value the person; it’s just you now see him or her from a different perspective, no longer via the lens of love and commitment.


  1. When you begin to value yourself above your “true love.”


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. When you truly love someone, you’d think about their welfare first before yours. However, there also comes a point when you find yourself thinking more about your welfare,


i.e. the things that make you happy and contented at the expense of that person. This is likewise a sign that your feelings for your partner are starting to fade away too.


This also happens in unrequited love; there are times in your life when you think you have found “the one,” and continue adoring this person even if they could not reciprocate your feelings. But as time goes by, the way you adore this person becomes less and less, until you realize that you have just let go of whatever feelings you brewed for this person.


  1. When the memories are no longer worth the fight.


Sometimes we hold on to the person because of all the memories we’ve shared. There were the good times, and the bad times and the problems resolved after a million or so of fights and misunderstandings. But as human beings, we get tired too. Our hearts grow weary too. And yes, the weariness can be consuming, it tells us to stop fighting and drop everything once and for all.


When you no longer care about the memories and feel toxic with the way the present is treating you, your partner, and the relationship you have, then most likely you have already ended the love. Other things, such as respect, courtesy, and gratitude may still be there, but love is not so much anymore.


  1. When you are starting to see the future alone.


There are also times when, despite caring heavily for this person in a romantic manner, you start looking at your future alone. You begin building dreams for your satisfaction, such as traveling to different places, studying new skills, or applying for a new job.


But all these aspirations do not involve anybody else but yourself, and you don’t care if your partner joins you or not. You prefer to do all these things on your own, without him or her by your side.


  1. When the saying “first love never dies” doesn’t ring a bell anymore.


Can You Unlove Someone You Truly Love? There’s a popular cliché that says, “first love never dies.” Perhaps it’s one packed with the most memories and most lessons learned, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to continue loving your first love. If this adage no longer triggers your heart, then it only means that you have fully moved on from that past love.



This is also an indication that you are now more than ready to face what lies ahead, may it be a new adventure, or finding the one that’s destined to be with you for keeps.


  1. You are no longer bitter.


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. Most of the time, we are angry and bitter over a lost love because we’re still not over it. And yes, despite all the pain, we still love the person. But the opposite of love is not hated or anger or bitterness; rather, it is apathy.


And when you start to show no sign of any emotion about a love that didn’t go well in the end, then it’s most likely that you have already gotten rid of all whatever affection you used to have for that person.


How Do You Forget Someone You Love Deeply?

How Do You Forget Someone You Love Deeply

How Do You Forget Someone You Love Deeply? Here are some ways that will help you forget someone you love and heal the pain that comes from the past:


  1. Create new, meaningful experiences.


This may be the hardest to do, but it’s easier than expected. Indeed, it can be haunting to visit the places or do the activities that you and your former significant other used to do. However, it’s not the end of the world once you two have broken up.


And these things –the ones you used to share, still exist.


Hence, you cannot just avoid them all the time because they remind you of the past. You’re only depriving yourself of the fun and excitement that these things offer if you try to experience them again. Instead, revel in their wonders together with the people that matter to you the most.


Visit those memorable destinations with your family and friends. Take pictures together, eat meals as a group, and enjoy all other activities as a team. This way, when you start looking back, you’ll remember only the good times, not those that tell you of heartache.


  1. Go out.


How Do You Forget Someone You Love Deeply? Loneliness is a killer so please don’t lock yourself up in your room. Open your windows and take a good look outside. The world moves on without you so you have to keep up with it! You can’t be stuck in your room moping forever until crows turn white.


Another way to forget someone you love is by going out. Wear your sneakers and start walking, even just around your neighborhood. This is because the longer you wallow indoors, the more time you spend thinking about a past that’s never coming back. You can only set yourself free by taking the initiative to do so.


Start walking. Enjoy the sights, the traffic, and the busy streets, and smile at the people you meet along the way. For a moment or two, you’ll forget about that person who broke your heart. The longer your mind gets preoccupied with these simple encounters, the farther you get away from those memories you have so been wanting to forget.


You don’t know where to go? That’s the best part! Why not start at that store you’ve always wanted to go to?


  1. Allow yourself to be shocked.


One reason you don’t want to forget is that you have developed a feeling of certainty about your painful memories. You’ve started using them as your shield against the exciting things that are headed your way, all because you think you’ll just end up hurt.


Instead of hiding under a shell, allow yourself to be surprised, scared, and shocked. Take a ride on the rollercoaster and scream to your heart’s delight. Your brain needs this as well, as the feeling of surprise allows it to generate new brain cells and reminds you that what Cher says is true: there is life after love.


  1. Talk about your memories.


How Do You Forget Someone You Love Deeply? People often write about the things they recall, so that they could keep them. Meanwhile, if you are trying to forget, then it would be best that you don’t write about them. Rather, talk about the things you remember.


This is because unlike writing where you can flip through the pages in case you are starting to miss some important highlights, talking about your memories out loud isn’t recorded. The more you discuss these recollections verbally, the lesser the details you mention, the lesser the emotions you feel, and the lesser the weight you carry.


Do this until such time that you could no longer recall the diner where you had your first date or how it rained when you two broke up.


It’s because when the essence of the memories has already faded, the entire recollection no longer matters to you as well.


  1. Try picking up a hobby.


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. Now that you’ve got all this free time, you have an excuse to pick up a new hobby! Pick your dusty paintbrushes, take up knitting, try out martial arts, or even take a Spanish class. Whatever you want to do, do it; this is your time to make yourself a better person than before.


This is also the best way to keep your mind occupied and away from the person who broke your heart. The more your time is filled, the better and easier it is for you to move on.

How Do You Leave The Person You Love The Most?

How Do You Leave The Person You Love The Most

How Do You Leave The Person You Love The Most? ‘Goodbye’ is perhaps the most bittersweet word one can ever say – it can leave quite an impact on your life and may forever be etched into your memory. But, how to leave someone you love? Prepare for heartache.


Relationships come and go. As much as we want our romantic relationships to last forever, some just weren’t meant to be. There will always be relationships that will inevitably end, no matter how much time or how many tears are invested in them.


How Do You Leave The Person You Love The Most? Wanting to know how to leave someone you love is the most heartbreaking situation to be in. The world always assumes that people who do the breaking up make the effortless decision of leaving, but that’s not the case at all.


When you decide to leave someone, it takes an immense amount of courage to make that decision. Is it a change of heart, an epiphany, or a moment of clarity? Or maybe, it’s all three? Keep reading to find out


  1. Don’t sugarcoat it


If you’re persistent in leaving them, there’s no need to sugarcoat it. Be straightforward with them if you want to avoid getting their hopes up or miscommunication. If you sugarcoat it, they might misinterpret it as something other than a breakup.


You’re ending things, so have the audacity, to be honest with them for at least the very last time. If it’s their fault, this will help them see what to improve and avoid doing the next time around.


  1. Do it personally


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. As easy as breaking up over text, call, or social media is, it’s not a breakup your partner deserves. A personal breakup is more intimate and gives them the closure they need to process the breakup.


It also shows you respect them enough to break up with them face-to-face. Also, don’t ghost them either, as that’s the worst thing you can do to them.


  1. Don’t ask them to be friends


You’re breaking their heart further by asking them to be friends even after a breakup. So if you want to know how to leave someone you love, don’t ask them to be your friend or still be in your life.


Not only are you breaking their heart further, but you’re also giving them false hopes.


Most importantly, the only reason you’d be asking this is to feel better about yourself during the breakup and to still have them without the commitment. It’s a very heartless move, so avoid doing this.


  1. Do it privately


If you want to have the proper breakup, do it privately. That is, if you want to avoid one of you making a scene, or if you want to say everything that needs to be said. It can be quite awkward to do it in a public place, and you might not say everything that needs to be said.


Your relationship is a very private and intimate thing between both of you and up until the last moment, it should be that way.


  1. Don’t question your breakup


How Do You Leave The Person You Love The Most? The one thing you need to remember if you want to know how to leave someone you love is not to question your decision. You got to this point of this feature, so you must be pretty confident in breaking up with them.


So you owe it to them and the relationship not to question your decision. This means no going back to them once you’ve walked away. Once you break up with them, that should be final.


  1. Don’t be affectionate

When you do the breaking up, it’s often you that feels like the bad person in this scenario. No matter how much you want to comfort them, don’t engage in any form of affection.


Your relationship is over, and it’s no longer your responsibility to make them feel better or comfort them.


When you show affection, it might also cause them to believe there’s still a chance for the relationship to work. If you want to know how to leave someone you love the right way, just act civilly during the breakup.

How Do I Stop Feeling Love?

How Do I Stop Feeling Love

How Do I Stop Feeling Love? Heart-breaks and the pain that comes with it can be agonizing. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to deal with it since nobody has a handbook that gives us specific instructions that explain how to get over someone you love.


While some require less time to move on, others spend months or sometimes more mourning over the lost love. Whatever stage of grief you are at, it is important to remember that life does not end here. You should never give up on love.


It is okay to feel a certain amount of grief, but sooner or later, you will have to resort to help that can get you through this difficult phase.


If you want to learn how to get over a breakup or how to let go of someone you love, read on.


  1. Be honest with yourself.


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. Admit to yourself what you feel (all of it). Don’t pretend that you were never really all that attached to them. You know it hurts that they don’t feel the same, and you’re allowed to acknowledge that.


Otherwise, you’re stuck in a place where you won’t allow yourself to deal with the truth behind the pain. Your loving this person doesn’t make you weak, foolish, or pathetic.



You’re human. You want to love and be loved. There’s nothing in that to be ashamed of.


  1. Find a trustworthy confidante.


How Do I Stop Feeling Love? Don’t keep your painful feelings bottled up or stored in “tiny boxes.” Talk to someone you trust about what you’re feeling without editing out the feelings you don’t like.


stop loving someone who doesn’t love you

Think of a close friend or family member and ask if they might be able to meet you in a place where you feel safe — with tissues ready (and maybe some soothing tea).


Therapists count, too. Good ones know how to listen and ask questions that help you consider things you haven’t looked at yet.


  1. Reframe the experience.


What are you telling yourself, and is it true? If you’re still feeling raw from the realization that the one you love doesn’t love you back, there’s a good chance what you’re telling yourself isn’t 100% true. It’s too easy to succumb to thought distortions:


Thinking you’re unlovable because this person doesn’t love you back

Thinking that you must have done something wrong, and you need to fix it.

Thinking that moving on from this person is “giving up on” them


What’s a more truthful and positive or helpful way to describe what you’re going through right now? How would you describe it if someone you loved was in your place?


  1. Practice radical acceptance.


Acceptance means no shoulds or should’ve. It means acknowledging how you got to this point without judging yourself or playing the “what if” game.


Accepting is part of practicing mindfulness. There’s no room for fixating on the past and what might’ve been (but isn’t going to happen). It means accepting all that you feel by attacking or belittling yourself for it.


When you focus on the present — on what you can do now — there’s no more past. Take a moment to inhale calm acceptance and exhale regret and self-recrimination.


  1. Don’t play the blame game.


How Do I Stop Feeling Love? Blaming them keeps them on your mind. And you don’t need that. You have a right to feel angry, heartbroken, and disappointed. But it’s possible to feel those things without blaming this person for their failure to love you.


It’s also possible to take responsibility for your role without beating yourself up for it. Be kind to yourself (and others). And be patient.


Blaming keeps you trapped in negative thoughts and drags you down when you need the energy to stand and move forward.


  1. Allow yourself to grieve what you’ve lost.


Healing doesn’t happen in a day. And it won’t happen at all unless you allow yourself to grieve, accept the truth of your situation, and move on.


You have a right to feel that you’ve lost something valuable. What you thought you had with this person or what you hoped would develop is gone, and letting go of that isn’t easy. I’ll repeat this because it’s vital to your recovery: Be kind to yourself. And be patient.

You Can’t Unlove Someone You Truly Loved

You Cant Unlove Someone You Truly Loved

You Can’t Unlove Someone You Truly Loved. Most relationships do not end with mutual agreement. More often than not, one partner falls out of love, while the other is still attached. If you are one of those people who thought your love was mutual but ended up abandoned, you are not alone.


Living with the grief of unexpected loss is hard enough. But if you are still in love with your ex, you will have a harder time letting go. Your leftover feelings of affection and connection can fuel the hope that the relationship will resume someday.


Like so many left-behind partners, you may not even know why you cannot stop loving your ex or get past the loss of the relationship. You may not be able to understand why you keep hurting when you want to feel better. You know that you have to let go of the past, but it seems to have imprisoned you.


Following are the most common reasons that you can’t unlove someone you truly loved.


These examples may not exactly match what you are enduring, or have endured, but they could help you realize that you are neither alone nor emotionally inadequate. It is only when you understand why you keep loving after a relationship is over that you will be able to change your behavior the next time you love.


  1. Believing Your Ex Was “The One”


After a long period of searching, did you truly believe that you had found the partner who was supposed to share your life forever? Everything checked out, and you trusted that it wasn’t just a fantasy. Your partner continually reassured you that he or she felt the same way.


Now, in retrospect, you wonder if you were too optimistic and didn’t notice that you were the only one who didn’t see any red flags. Perhaps you’re a natural cheerleader, and your partner seemed to like you that way.


  1. Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most. Are you the kind of person who commits too fully, too completely, or too soon in a new relationship? When you fall in love, do you put aside all other commitments, social ties, individual dreams, and work issues, focusing totally on the relationship?


Have your relationships exploded into lustful joy rapidly and blotted out everything else in your life when you were newly connected? Are you a lover who makes your relationship the most important thing in your life? If you’ve sought that kind of magical and insular intensity, you’ve probably attracted partners who do the same.


  1. Fantasy Love


You Can’t Unlove Someone You Truly Loved.  Think of all the things about your partner that you desired and those that you were afraid to lose. Those attachments are the tethers that keep relationships intact.


Even after a relationship ends, you might not be able to let go of those attachments. They made you feel alive, valuable and wanted. And you had reason to believe that your partner felt the same way about you.


Now your partner is gone, and you still remember the relationship as though it were reciprocally satisfying and perfect. If it was, why can’t you just toss it off to experience and let it go?


If you can’t stop loving your ex long after the relationship has ended, you may be feeding a fantasy that was not representative of the relationship. You may be eulogizing each magnetic moment while minimizing the aspects that were not working.

How To Stop Loving Someone But Stay Friends

How To Stop Loving Someone But Stay Friends

How To Stop Loving Someone But Stay Friends. It’s tough to be friends with an ex-lover or someone you have feelings for, especially if you are still in love with them.


If you are just friends because the relationship didn’t work out, but you still have feelings for that person, it’s not fair to expect them to respect your wishes of being just friends.


It’s hard to let go of feelings, but being honest with yourself about what you want can help you move on and find happiness again after heartbreak. This guide helps you on how to stop loving someone but stay friends.


Is it possible to stop loving someone but remain friends? The answer to this question isn’t straightforward because it depends on why you are no longer in love with this person.


Love is such an intense emotion that when we fall in love, we become more than friends with the object of our affection, so it can sometimes be hard to let go of the feeling even after you’ve stopped being romantically involved.


So, How to stop loving someone but stay friends? Choosing to stay friends with someone you love can be a difficult decision.


The desire to be together can often make it hard to come up with a plan for moving forward, especially if you’ve been romantically involved or have been dating for a long time.

While it may be tempting to make the relationship romantic again, this will never work out unless your ex has feelings for you that change unexpectedly over time. Do you want to know how to stop loving someone but stay friends? Here are some baby steps to take


  1. Understand your romantic relationship is over.


The first step is to realize that your relationship with your ex is over and that you need to come to a normal mindset. Denial can be one of those feelings that make moving forward really difficult.


If you’re not able to let go of how you feel about your ex, take a break from each other until you feel ready for closure or at least until you can see them as a friendly acquaintance rather than something more.


In addition, don’t assume they have stopped caring about you simply because they’ve stopped being involved in a romantic relationship with you. It could just be a timing issue, or maybe they’re working through things on their own before coming back into contact with you.


  1. Give each other space and time for a while.


To help end your relationship and move forward without anger and frustration coloring your thoughts and emotions towards one another, it’s best if there is no communication between both parties for at least a month.


Make sure that all email accounts are changed so they are not able to find your address by searching your name in Google Alerts. Block them from social networking sites that might allow them to see what’s going on in your life.


This may be hard because you still care about each other or even love each other, but don’t take any chances by giving into temptation and contacting them prematurely.


  1. Figure out if you still care for each other as individuals.


At first, it may seem as though you can’t stand being around your ex after a breakup.


But as time goes on, you may find that even though you don’t want them back romantically or s#ually, there are parts of them that you miss and enjoy having in your life even on a friendly basis.

Or perhaps once a relationship has ended, your mind is free from all those daily stresses and anxieties that come with being involved with one another and they’re able to give you a different perspective on things that have been bothering you over time.


If these things turn out to be true for both of you, then going forward as good friends is worth looking into.


  1. Tell your ex you want to be friends.


How To Stop Loving Someone But Stay Friends. Once you’ve sat down and thought about all these factors for a while, there’s no reason not to initiate contact with them again on a purely friendly basis.


Tell them that you want to be their friend again, even if there are times when you miss being lovers too.


Explain that life can be short sometimes, especially when it comes to losing touch with people that used to mean so much in your life.


Remind them of how deeply involved both of you were with each other for so long since that will hopefully hold some weight during your request at getting back together again outside of your relationship.


Just don’t bring up any past grievances or bad memories because those have no place here at all right now either.


  1. Set boundaries and don’t ruin your friendship:


Once you’ve gotten closure from regaining their friendship once more, set some ground rules with them to prevent any further damage to each other.


These could be as simple as not discussing anything about their current relationship with you at all anymore or not bringing up topics like breakups or bad memories between both parties altogether.


Make sure that they can answer your calls at least after working out a set time of day where both parties will still be able to interact with each other without feeling too pressured afterward anyways.


Just because you’re on good terms now doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement anymore too.

How To Control Feelings For Someone You Love

How To Control Feelings For Someone You Love

How To Control Feelings For Someone You Love. It is important to know that your emotions and feelings matter. Have you been curious to know how to control emotions and feelings?


May I let you know that controlling your emotions answers to discipline, not magic? If you must have your emotion under control, then you must be willing to exert the force of discipline over yourself. Nobody can watch over you enough like yourself, you are the best watchman in your life. If you cannot be intentional, your emotion will control you.


The discipline I’m talking about here is the ability to do the right thing even when it is the most difficult. The determination to stay under control even when your hormones are demanding something different. I’m certain you are ready for this intentional life as I take you further.


Controlling emotions and feelings have been a major problem of the day. We want to express what we feel, not considering the consequences that follow. Truthfully, it is not an offense to express one’s emotions, but it is wiser to control them than to express them rashly.


This is how to control feelings for someone you love.


  1. Don’t Be Always Present


Truly, being present with him/her is one of the greatest ways to show that you love a person. However, you should not always be present. Researchers have proven that human beings tend to value people they see less often than people they see always.


It’s psychologically normal. Maintaining your value and respect should be one of your greatest aims in any relationship, and it should make you put check on your emotions. Let there always be a time when the person you love will have to confess that he/she misses you.


  1. Be confident around him/her


You can easily tell that someone has feelings for you only by looking at how they conduct themselves around you. It is quite easy for one to get kind of shaky and uncomfortable around the person you have feelings for. It’s not strange. But you can be different.


Don’t talk too much around the person you have feelings for and don’t be too silent. Don’t be too calm and don’t be jumpy. Be all normal. Be real and confident. It makes you feel good and highly esteemed. Speak calmly and look into his/her eyes as you do.


  1. Get busy with valuable things


Just the same way an idle hand is the devil’s workshop so is an idle mind. You hardly have time to entertain funny feelings for someone when you are busy. Getting busy with the right thing will place you under an automated discipline.


  1. Hang up the call


How To Control Feelings For Someone You Love. You need to learn to hang up the call when the conversation is no longer purposeful: It’s important to learn how to maintain a purpose-driven conversation. Talk about something meaningful and stay within it. Don’t be too random in your discussion, have topics you talk about. This will help you stay within boundaries and not go weird.


  1. Express your emotions


This may sound like the last thing you can ever think of in the world, but it’s just one of the best-proven ways to control your emotions and feelings. Express your emotions to the other person. But, hey! Don’t be dramatic about it.


Do it with all sincerity and calmness. Do not speak words like, ‘if you say no, I’m going to hurt myself !’ They make you look pretty and sound desperate. You know what your feelings are towards that person. Speak it out, just the way to feel it. And let the other person choose to accept or decline your feelings.


You’ll realize that after confessing your feelings to the other party, you feel some great degree of ease within you. You become more comfortable than before and your emotions are to a great degree regulated.

How To Unlove Someone Psychology

How To Unlove Someone Psychology

How To Unlove Someone Psychology. Getting over a breakup can be a lot like quitting smoking. When a person chooses to give up a habit like smoking, the initial few days are always the hardest to overcome. Fortunately, it gets easier with time, patience, and practice.


Recognizing the symptoms of classical conditioning and learning how it works is key in finally being able to move on. Imagine your favourite movie you had as a child. Whenever you see this movie, you experience nostalgic feelings and happy memories. Now imagine watching this film over and over again a hundred times. The pleasurable memories would diminish with each viewing, and eventually, you would get sick of it.


How To Unlove Someone Psychology. The same can be done with past relationships. You need to rewire the existing associations you have of your ex and certain things/places etc …and place new associations in a place where your ex currently is.


For example, going back to our example of the town park – a good way to remove the association of your ex to the town park would be to create a new association with the town park. You could use the town park as your running track and use it to train for the local 5k or 10k in your area.


Each time you go to the town park and try to beat your old record for running a 5k distance, your mind will begin to be programmed to associate the town park with running …rather than with your ex.


How To Unlove Someone Psychology. For each positive experience, you connect to that once-painful place, and the suffering declines. Your new, pleasant memories take their place, and slowly you no longer make those identifications with your ex.


Over time, you will begin to fall out of love as your mind sees fewer and fewer reasons to constantly think of them. It will begin to see that you are thinking less and less about them and so will interpret this to mean you have moved on.

How To Avoid Love Feelings

How To Avoid Love Feelings

How To Avoid Love Feelings. Even though there’s nothing wrong with falling in love and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone new, falling in love with someone too quickly can end in a whirlwind of crushed feelings and dashed dreams.


Because love is such a powerful emotion, it’s important to protect your heart and make sure you’re falling for someone who’s not only falling for you too but who’s also going to catch you in a committed loving, and healthy relationship.


  1. Focus on yourself


Focus on what you want in life. Think about the person you were before you got messed up into all this love pain drama. Remember your goals, both personal and professional, and make a plan on how to achieve them.


Make a list of all your goals and accordingly plan on how you want to achieve them. Think about the things that make you happy and why you stopped doing them. Not only will you stay from the pains of love, but also end up doing something better for yourself.


  1. Spend time with your loved ones


Your family members have always been the ones to stay by your side through thick and thin. They are always going to be there for you no matter how much you drift away from them.


To stay away from meeting new people and eventually falling in love, better catch up with them and spend some quality time. It will help you heal from your previous relationship and you will find love with the people who matter in your life.


  1. Bury yourself in work


How To Avoid Love Feelings. Why only work? Bury yourself in practically everything that will keep you away from love. Keeping yourself occupied will distract you and keep your mind from calling cupid.


Focusing on your work will help keep your mind distracted into something product which will also help boost your confidence over time. You will stay away from love and excel in your professional life.


  1. Explore your hobbies


You can get a lot of pleasure by rekindling your passions and hobbies. Plus, you won’t fall in love because you’d be busy on your own. When was it the last time you painted something or held your guitar?


Go back to the time when you indulged in your hobbies rather than painstaking relationships. If you don’t have any hobbies or are confused, try developing new hobbies. Try new things like cooking, yoga, or something that you wanted to try for a long time. Learn something new, keep yourself busy, and stay away from love.


  1. Convince yourself


How To Avoid Love Feelings. To stay away from love, you first have to convince yourself how toxic love was for you. Remember the pain you went through in your previous relationship and clear your thoughts. Spend some time alone and consider this aspect of your life. There’s no rush. Go to an isolated place surrounded by nature. It will help gather your thoughts.


Only if you truly believe that avoiding love will be the best option for you, can you move on from love and head towards yourself.

How To Stop Loving Someone You Can’t Have

How To Stop Loving Someone You Cant Have

How To Stop Loving Someone You Can’t Have. We don’t get to choose who or what we are attracted to. Whether from how we were raised, what we’ve learned, experiences in past relationships, or plain genetics, the feeling of excitement we get from things and people is largely out of our control.


How To Stop Loving Someone You Can’t Have. Most of the time, this is a rewarding experience. The thrill of a new relationship and the steady satisfaction of improving on a hobby don’t question when something makes us feel good. We shape our lives around achieving more of the things we want.


How To Stop Loving Someone You Can’t Have. There are two different scenarios worth considering when it comes to letting go of unattainable love. One, you have recently realized that you may have feelings for someone and want to start doing the work of trying to disentangle yourself before things get more serious.


Two, you are in love with someone else. You tried breaking free, but the feelings are still there, and it’s starting to be a serious problem. If you’ve recently realized you may have feelings for someone:


  • Take some time to determine how much of a presence this person has in your life. If you needed to back off to save your feelings, what would that take? How much time do you spend thinking about them or trying to be around them? Is there another way you can spend your time that would be better for you?


  • Talk to your mutual friends. If you truly have feelings for someone, you’ve probably done one thing or another that has signaled your attraction. Tell them you are starting to get concerned about where those feelings are headed and talk about how you want to get past them.


  • Set healthy boundaries with the object of your affection. This can be hard, but it’s vital. Putting up barriers to being around or with your crush can feel crazy. However, your feelings for the other person probably developed because you were spending a lot of time together. Setting some limits on how often or how long you are around each other is a good place to start.


  • Take some time to analyze your relationship with the other person overall. What interactions are most stressful or most inspire feelings of love? Are there times when you feel like you can’t control your attraction to them? If you can map out when it feels safe to be around them and when you should stay away, that will make it easier to start getting over it.
  • The list above is a general tactic for you to start getting a grip on the nature of your relationship with the other person and take appropriate steps to avoid it escalating. Sometimes that preventive work is no longer an option. Your feelings are strong, and you need to break free. Here’s what you can do to start extricating yourself.


  • Be honest with yourself about what you are struggling with. Love is amazing, and love is terrible. It is ok to admit that you are caught up in a love that is the latter type. It is, in fact, vital to the long-term wellbeing that you acknowledge you are in pain.


  • Reach out to friends and family. They almost definitely know that you are struggling with this. Let them know that you need their help and that you want things to change. Work with them to figure out exactly what needs to change and how to do it. You will need this support because if you are truly in love, you cannot be an objective judge of how bad things are.


  • Start limiting your contact with the other person. They may be the greatest person in the world. Obviously, they are great for you. But they are also a continuing source of great pain. It will take time, but you need to start reducing the amount of time you spend with one another. Whether you see them less, stop seeing them alone, or cut your time together shorter, whatever it takes to minimize continued infatuation.


  • Consider telling the other person how you feel. In the end, your relationship with this other person needs to change for your safety. This may be achievable through your actions. However, the other person may notice the change and try to reconnect. At that point, it may be necessary to be forthright that, even though you know it can never happen, you have strong feelings for them, and you are drawing back to protect yourself.

How To Stop Loving Someone You Can’t Have Quotes

How To Stop Loving Someone You Cant Have Quotes

How To Stop Loving Someone You Can’t Have Quotes. Quotes make us understand that someone has experienced something relative and it could be anything such as quotes on unloving someone we can’t have.


“Our greatest joy and our greatest pain come in our relationships with others.” – Stephen R. Covey


“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.” — Unknown


“It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.” – Miguel de Unamuno


“Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of your story. That’s the end of their part in your story.” ― Faraaz Kazi


“If we must part forever, Give me but one kind word to think upon, And please myself with, while my heart’s breaking.” – Thomas Otway


“It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces.” – Ella Harper


How To Stop Loving Someone You Can’t Have Quotes.


“There is one pain, I often feel, which you will never know. It’s caused by the absence of you.” – Ashleigh Brilliant


“When you think your first falling in love, just then you realize you’re falling out of love.” – David Grayson


“You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to things you don’t want to feel.” – Johnny Depp


“Since I can’t be with you right now I will have to be content just dreaming about when we will be together again.” – Susan Polis Schutz


“Falling in love is like holding a candle. Initially, it lightens up the world around you. Then it starts melting and hurts you. Finally, it goes off and everything is darker than ever and all you are left with is the. BURN!” ― Syed Arshad


How To Stop Loving Someone You Can’t Have Quotes.


“I wonder if I could take back every ‘I love you’ ever said to you, would I do it?” ― Faraaz Kazi


“You make me feel like a firefly. Trapped in a bell jar; starved for love.” ― Ayushee Ghoshal


Love lies in those unsent drafts in your mailbox. Sometimes you wonder whether things would have been different if you’d clicked ‘Send’. – Faraaz Kazi


“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing.” – Anais Nin


“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing.” – Anais Nin

How To Stop Loving Someone You See Every Day

How To Stop Loving Someone You See Every Day

How To Stop Loving Someone You See Every Day. Getting over someone you love is hard on a good day. Learning how to get over someone you see every day makes your job that much harder. After all, there’s no potential for distance. So, what do you do? Follow these tips on how to get over someone you see every day.


  1. Go through the grieving process—but do it privately. There are many stages of grieving you go through to get over a breakup. And while publicly humiliating your ex at your shared place of business might seem like one of them, it truly isn’t.


How To Stop Loving Someone You See Every Day. You’re meant to experience the grieving process and go through mind-numbing examinations of what went wrong. You’re allowed to feel hurt and guilt and sadness. Just, don’t do it at work. This is unprofessional. After all, you don’t want to lose your job as well as your partner, do you?


  1. Anticipate the worst. This may sound cynical, but imagining the worst scenarios that might happen between you and your ex may help you decide in advance how to deal with them. From the meager to the mighty, what would you do if these scenarios come up in public?


– You run into your ex in an elevator.

– You get into a fight with your ex at work.

– You have breakup sex with your ex at work.

– You cry over your ex at work.

– You and your ex try and hurt one another emotionally/physically at work.

– Your ex starts dating someone else you see every day.

– Your ex won’t speak to you or acknowledge you in public.


Facing these potential realities gives you the time to consider how to handle them if they come up.


  1. Keep it professional. You don’t want to be the girl that has a jealous meltdown in the break room or the guy who sends mean texts right before your ex is about to head into an exam. Okay, maybe you *want* to be that person—but don’t.


How To Stop Loving Someone You See Every Day. Keep it professional when you’re at work. Your colleagues, boss, and ex all silently thank you for your maturity.


  1. Don’t be too nice. You’re adulting. You got this. You’re being super cordial with your ex to avoid those awkward silences. You treat them just like you treat the guy who takes a million smoke breaks or the woman who drinks milk every day at lunchtime. Polite, but not too close.


Just make sure you’re not being too cordial. You don’t want anyone to get the idea that you’re still into this person or are being fake-nice. They mustn’t see through your ruse.


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most Conclusion

How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most Conclusion

How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most Conclusion. If you love a person, you want their happiness. If you love a person, you can accept that they cannot be with you, that their life needs to be in another sphere, and that there are reasons for this, even if you wish they were not. The choice of not wanting to love someone any longer is a very possible occurrence.


How To Unlove Someone You Love The Most Conclusion. It is a thought which could be necessitated by any reason whatsoever. The center point however is that, if for any reason the thought comes up, the effect of taking that decision is always in the favour of the person taking it, as long as the reasons are valid, and the rejection real.

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