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I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend

I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend

i am desperate for a girlfriend

I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend. Many people would admit to being “desperate” for love at some time in their lives because loneliness is sometimes unbearable.


This feeling of being lonely is what leads us into bad relationships because we are so alone.


So, you start to get impatient. You begin to doubt yourself, and your ability to like someone, you see that time passes, months, years, and you still do not find your ideal partner (or a partner).


Then you start to despair and enter a vicious circle in which, the more desperate, the more difficult it is for you to find a partner, and the more difficult you have it, the more desperate you are.


Don’t be discouraged.


Surely you can do more than you do to get the girl of your dreams. I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend. You may not have been adopting the right strategy.


Here I propose a series of guidelines that can help you find the girlfriend you are looking for.


  • Analyze your environment.

I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend. If what you want is to get a woman fast, because you no longer have patience and you are tired of searching without success, the first thing you should do is analyze your environment. Stop to think about all those girls who are part of your closest circle.


I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend. Keep in mind your friends, your friends ‘friends, your sisters’ friends, your cousins … This will make you not start from scratch.


Maybe you already know that girl who can attract you or maybe a family member or friend can connect with both of you and can help you cut the ice.


Women like men who have initiative. So you should have no doubts. Do you want to find a girlfriend or not?


You can get down to work and take action. Do not be passive and have confidence in yourself. After all, you have nothing to lose. You don’t already have it. Do not hesitate. Hop up.


  • Don’t be arrogant.

Just because you show yourself with confidence doesn’t mean that you should take for granted that this woman will be with you. Don’t be arrogant, because you can spoil everything.


Also do not be a person who boasts of his abilities. On the contrary, you must be human, as someone who also has his defects. Humility is essential.


She will already realize who you are and you will have time to demonstrate your skills. But avoid being cute.


  • Praise, but do not idolize.

It is good that you highlight their strengths, their strengths. But don’t make it perfect, because you know it’s not, nobody is.


Be honest when you speak and say the things you truly think and feel. Praise, but don’t be flattering.


  • Seek intimacy.

When you have the chance, stay away from groups of people. I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend. Seek intimacy with that woman, so you can get to know her better and get to know her.


In privacy, you will be able to advance faster. Take it out of its comfort so that you feel more confident about yourself. Try to bring up topics of conversation and seek to amuse him.


Nonverbal language is very important. But you should take advantage of physical contact when the situation is favourable. Touch when you can, touch her hands, but always wisely.


Here you must measure very well. Don’t be sober. Do it without enthusiasm, as you do it inadvertently. This will make her wonder what effect that physical contact can have on you.


Once you have had the opportunity to be with her alone, try to find a new meeting. It doesn’t have to be a formal date, but propose to meet another day to make a plan together.


You do not want to stay the next day, here you must have some patience. Keep in touch with her in the meantime.


Ask for her phone number and write her a message letting her know how much fun you have had with his company.


In how she responds you can find an answer to what she thinks of you. But yes, never be heavy.


  • Finally, jump in.

When you’ve been alone with her on occasion, ask for an appointment and show your intentions. A romantic dinner may be the best environment to propose.

How Do I Stop Being Desperate For My Girlfriend?

how do I stop being desperate for my girlfriend

How Do I Stop Being Desperate For My Girlfriend? Let’s face it, we have all been in situations when we were either long-term singles or searching for a rebound partner following a breakup.


And regrettably, this is the moment when desperation begins to set in when one’s dating possibilities seem limited and one goes for extended stretches without finding anyone suitable.


And there may even come a time when we are unable to tolerate being alone and have lowered our standards to the point where we will sleep close to anyone as long as they are comforting.


The majority of people don’t take the time to consider what they want in a romantic relationship and instead, in a state of desperation, just choose to be with a partner and call it love.


I, therefore, provide a few ways to help you stop feeling desperate for love to prevent situations where your helplessness and neediness are driving you there.


So perhaps you don’t have a constant romantic interest in your life. But even if it comes from yourself, you might still understand love, affection, or tenderness.


Get rid of the pressure to settle down. People make the wrong choices and come across as desperate when they have a strong want to continually be in someone else’s company.


Be grateful for what you already have! That trait is endlessly appealing. While there are positives to being in a relationship, being single can also have perks.


You have more time to focus on objectives like expanding your career and establishing a fulfilling profession.


In the end, knowing your personal preferences and wants can help you in choosing the best lengthy relationship choice.


  • Make new connections

I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend. Spend time networking and developing new relationships. Being in a relationship isn’t right for you right now if your issue is that you depend on other people for happiness.


The opportunity for a magical experience offered by meeting new individuals will make you feel a bit more liberated than earlier.


Even connecting over brunch with your friends can help you feel more normal. You can avoid thinking about your cravings by being present and receiving support from those who care about you.


If all of your friends are dating, it’s normal to feel left out or envious, but try not to become resentful.


There are strategies to stop this behaviour, and one of them involves being accustomed to being by yourself.


Being single for a while is ultimately not the worst thing in the world. You’ll be happier if you give up complaining and concentrate more on other elements of your life.


If you engage in and appreciate meaningful activities, you can be content as a single person.


When you find the right partner, the one who loves you unconditionally and whom you adore equally, it would be the right moment to settle down. Till then, hold onto hope.


What Does It Mean To Be Desperate For A Relationship?

what does it mean to be desperate for a relationship

What Does It Mean To Be Desperate For A Relationship? Love is a great thing, and it seems to be everywhere. Everywhere you look you see couples in love.


If you are in a relationship you barely notice, but if you aren’t in a relationship you can’t help but notice.


Relationships truly are great but if you are single and missing the joys of a relationship – that obsession can get in your way of finding love.


I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend. The more desperate you are, the more desperate you’ll seem, and the less sexy you’ll be.


There is a fine line between being happily involved and acting desperate. Do any of these behaviours apply to you?


You are always at his beck and call. Any time the person asks you to get together you are willing to rearrange your schedule to be with him.


Don’t get me wrong, it is good to make time for the person you are in a relationship with, but if you are always available, it can be a sign of desperation.


Accepting every invitation, especially those that are on late notice, shows the other person you don’t have much going on aside from him.


In other words, you make yourself available to those you wouldn’t otherwise give a second look.


If you drop your standards to date a guy or girl who doesn’t have desirable traits, it can be a sign of desperation. You know what you deserve.


Don’t settle for less. When you date someone who falls below your standards, you are settling for someone who doesn’t deserve you.


Do you find yourself constantly texting, calling, and trying to spend every waking moment with him?


You are being clingy. Give him or her room to breathe. If you are trying to be part of every single part of his day, he will feel like you aren’t giving him space, and it will scare him away.


Give him space and, in turn, be sure your space is respected as well. You don’t need to be with him every second of the day.


Truthfully, it’s better if you aren’t. Forcing constant contact merely sheds light on your insecurities.


  • Getting too involved too quickly

A new relationship is a major boost to one’s outlook on life. But if you’re planning the life you and your partner are going to have together, and it has only been a few months, you need to slow down.


Your new partner might simply be testing the waters with you and being too involved too early can put a wedge in your relationship. Take your time and enjoy getting to know the person before you get overly involved.


  • You need constant relationship status updates

“What are we?” “Where is this going?” If you are asking for weekly relationship updates, you’re going to drive your partner away.


Needing constant reassurance shows your insecurity about being in a relationship. It’s like driving a five-hour trip and having a little kid asking “are we there yet?” every five minutes.


Focus less on the status of the relationship and more on getting to know the person. The status will come with time.


  • You are constantly trying to please

If you are agreeing to like the same things he likes in the hopes he will like you more, or you are changing things about yourself for the same reason, it screams desperation.


He should like you for who you are. Don’t change yourself for the people you date because you will lose sight of who YOU are.

How Can I Get A Girlfriend Quickly?

how can I get a girlfriend quickly

How Can I Get A Girlfriend Quickly? To get a girlfriend, you first have to determine what kind of girlfriend you want. There is nothing wrong with having certain preferences and no man should be ashamed of his choice of women.


However, you should be able to leave room for learning because no one ever got far from being close-minded.


It is always a good idea to know what kind of things she would want in a man. This helps you determine whether those are things that you are going to be able to provide.


If you feel as if her expectations are too high or that she is looking for somebody that you cannot offer then it is probably best to leave.


If you want to find a girlfriend fast and easy, you might want to try out a few more tips to make sure you seal the deal.


Using these tried and tested tips, you are sure to get a girl who is right for you. Buckle up guys as we take you through the fifteen sure-fire ways of getting a girl to be your girlfriend.


So if you’re asking  How Can I Get A Girlfriend Quickly? The following may be useful to you


  • Stand Out

Focus on yourself and she is sure to come to you. When you have things going for you that you enjoy doing and love, it radiates.


Being busy stops you from acting desperate when you are on your date and it gives the vibe that you are impressive and have a lot going for you.


When you are focused on enriching your life, it will reflect in more than one aspect of your life including the way you relate with people.


You will exude more confidence and even the way you present yourself including your grooming will reflect.


When you like yourself from head to toe and work hard on being who you are, you will have the right head-turning dating coach for men.


  • Compliment Her

A lot of women spend a lot of time looking good and they appreciate it when people notice things about them.


Remember, compliments do not have to be based on something physical all the time. Get to know her, find out what is admirable about her, and compliment her on it.


Compliments show her that you have paid attention to her and it makes her feel appreciated. This immediately helps her let her guard down and get comfortable around you which is the aim.


The compliment will also make her feel more confident when she is around you and she will begin to crave being around that feeling. What was that they said about honey and flies?


  • Always Keep it Short and Sweet

There is a tendency for people who do not know each other well to overdo things. When you meet a girl you like, try and keep a healthy distance between you.


Make sure she knows that you have other things to do so that she does not feel as if you are taking up her time.


It is easier for her to want to spend time with you if she misses you.


If you are interested every time she sees you, then you are less likely to be overlooked as a potential boyfriend for her.


  • Crack Her Up

How Can I Get A Girlfriend Quickly? Yes, guys, the funny guy gets the girl in the end. Studies show that if a woman is attracted to a guy, she will find him funny.


If you can make her laugh then you are well on your way into her heart.


Some studies even indicate that when she is attracted, the more jokes you make, the more she will laugh and fall for you.


Crazy huh? It is a pretty great way to know whether she is into you.


Of course, you will have to know what makes her laugh and you might have a few failed attempts.


However, if she is the one you have been searching for, you will know her by her laugh.


Some studies suggest that a guy’s humour is a great sign that you’re smart and this will attract the woman to you even more.


Laughing also makes people feel nice, and people like to be in a place that elicits such feelings.


  • Tease Her

How Can I Get A Girlfriend Quickly? Teasing is a great way to let a girl know that you like her without directly saying it.


Teasing a girl about something she is embarrassed about or treating her like a child might be the way to stand out and let her know that you are interested in her.


Teasing helps her get her guard down and it makes her vulnerable with you.


Remember, the teasing has to be on a light note so that you do not hurt her feelings. Using past experiences to tease her also makes you seem familiar to her.


  • Focus on Her During Conversation

Paying attention to her when she talks will immediately let her know that you are interested in her.


Women enjoy meaningful conversations so make sure you are active during the conversation. Try not to talk too much about yourself and do not let her talk the whole time.


You might spend most of the time asking her questions that might leave her feeling interrogated.


Women can smell desperation from a mile away, so the last thing you need to do is to try too hard. When men try too hard, they come off as standoffish or desperate.


When a woman feels as if you are either of these things, they will immediately lose interest in what you have to say.


Be yourself at all times when you are near the girl you like. It will help her get to know you and you will always be comfortable around her. It is difficult to keep up a charade and still impress someone at the same time.


Your mind will be scattered and you will always be trying too hard when you are around them.


It will become frustrating to you and you might take it out on the person you are trying to make your girlfriend.


  • Respect Her Opinions and Decisions

Her opinion matters just as much as yours does.


If she holds an opinion that is different from yours, it is important to respect it even if it differs from your own.


When she feels as if it is difficult for her to voice her opinions because they are not respected, she will not want to be your girlfriend.

How Do I Stop Being Desperate For Love?

how do I stop being desperate for love

How Do I Stop Being Desperate For Love? Being single can be difficult. You may see everyone around you in relationships and be desperate to experience the same thing.


I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend. You can stop being desperate when you are single by keeping your standards and figuring out what you are looking for, learning to appreciate yourself, and meeting people in laid-back settings.


How Do I Stop Being Desperate For Love? Maintain Standards in Who You date. When you are single, you may want to date around to meet a lot of different people.


However, you should date people who you find interesting and attractive. You should have characteristics that you like in someone that causes you to date them instead of dating just anyone you meet.


For example, you may want to date people who are attractive, career-oriented, and interested in certain hobbies.


Though you may find it difficult to meet people with these qualities, don’t lower your standards just so you can have a date.


  • Determine what you are looking for in another person.

Figuring out what you want in another person can help you choose potential partners with some forethought. If you don’t know what you are looking for, you may just date anyone.


Having no standards may lead you to act desperate because you aren’t putting any thought into your dates at all.


You may need to make a list to help you determine what you are looking for. This list should go beyond physical traits.


Think about shared interests, values, characteristics, qualities, and other things you are looking for in another person. It might be that you want a dog person or someone who has a higher degree.


These few tips can help reduce your level of desperation for love


You may want an instant connection when you go out somewhere to meet people. Often, it takes a while for you to become comfortable and known in a place.


If you have tried a new dating site, started a new class or hobby, or started going to a new place, give it enough time for people to notice you or get to know you.


Don’t get discouraged on the first day if nothing happens. Don’t get discouraged after the first week. Keep going back.


  • Refrain from pretending to be something you are not.

One thing desperate singles sometimes do is act like they are something they are not.


You may pretend to like something you don’t or go to an event or meetup you’re not interested in to meet people.


This only causes more stress for you since you aren’t interested in the topic and may meet someone who you do not share interests with.


Instead, be honest about your likes, dislikes, and preferences. This includes when you meet someone and on an online dating profile.


This doesn’t mean you can’t date someone different from you or with different interests, but don’t pretend to like something just to impress someone.


  • Try not to fish for compliments.

If you are single, you may not always feel the best about yourself. This means you may seek validation from others.


You might try to get others to compliment your looks, outfits, or personality to help boost your self-confidence. This may make you seem desperate.


Many people may directly ask things like, “How do you like my dress?” or “What do you think of my new hairstyle?”


Some people manipulate people into compliments or use self-deprecation to get compliments. This may include saying something like, “I feel ugly today.”


You may mention that you are single in a casual conversation, but you shouldn’t tell everyone that you meet that you are single.


It’s one thing to mention it to a friend in case they know someone single, but telling everyone may make you seem desperate.


While you shouldn’t hide the fact that you are single, you may want to share your interest in actively looking for someone with a few chosen friends.

Why Do I Crave A Relationship So Badly?

why do I crave a relationship so Badly

Why Do I Crave A Relationship So Badly? We greatly desire relationships because they increase our confidence and self-esteem. They make us feel important, worthy, and good enough.


We are motivated by those powerful feelings to develop social skills so that we can meet people and develop friendships.


Why Do I Crave A Relationship So Badly? We just want affection, we feel the keen gap in our lives where we haven’t had physical touch.


On a deeper level, a lack of physical touch in our childhood can lead to an overly active need for affection as adults.


Why Do I Crave A Relationship So Badly? Because of lack of affection, we constantly crave affection, and the affection we do get isn’t enough.


I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend. When you feel like something is lacking within you, you may crave someone. When you’re emotionally all over the place on some level, you may crave someone.


Why Do I Crave A Relationship So Badly? Feeding into memory, the way a person made you feel, or a desire that you possibly have been suppressing, that too can cause you to crave someone.


Do these things to curb your Crave for a relationship

  • Keep dating. You don’t need to put your dating life on hold to stop wanting a relationship.
  • Be fussy. …
  • Keep being yourself. ..
  • Focus on yourself. …
  • Spend time with loved ones. …
  • Be realistic about past loves. …
  • Fill the gaps. …
  • Remember why single life rocks.

What Is The Best Age To Find Love?

what is the best age to find love

What Is The Best Age To Find Love? There’s no specific age that is best to find love. But I’d prefer when you’re a little older.


I’ve always been obsessed with what makes some couples stay together – and not just stay together but stay giddily bonkers about each other – when most don’t last the distance (or stay ‘for the children in an unspoken, liveable but unpleasant truce).


They’re either early birds (got together in high school or university) or late lovers high school or university) or late lovers (got together age 45-plus).


Yes, they’re quite specific and not common categories that completely ignore the majority but there are reasons why each works.


They grow up together. With the right communication skills, strong motivation, and commitment, each adapt to accommodate the other, moulding to fit with equal give on either side. Picture seedlings planted side by side.


With the same soil and sunlight, they’re going to grow at the same rate and in the same direction, ending up more similar, right?


The early bird couples I know have jobs they love and are happy to allow each other time apart for work reasons.


The combination of a secure base and ‘permission’ to explore is the core of their success.


But it’s also because they’ve only ever really dated one person.


The ‘paradox of choice’ syndrome says too many options hampers our decision-making ability. In other words, too much choice of partners is confusing, and not liberating.


If you’ve only ever had sex with each other (or one or two others), if you’ve only been in love with one person, you’re not sucked into the ‘What if there’s better out there?


If I leave it one more year before settling, who knows who else might turn up?” syndrome.


What Is The Best Age To Find Love? Childhood sweethearts’ is a madly romantic formula that conforms to our secret ideals of how we all wish love would be – effortless, painless, trouble-free, and uncomplicated.


In our permissive society, it’s been poo-pooed as an idea but if you look around at all your couple friends, most will find one or two who did get together young and are happily growing old.


Finding love isn’t really about age. How and who we love is also about personality.


If you’re a curious, ambitious, questioning type of person, settling early doesn’t happen because it doesn’t appeal.


Some of us thrive on adventure and experiences and need freedom and independence to explore them.


It’s not just about ‘sowing wild oats’ but experimenting with different jobs and personalities and ‘fits’ that you couldn’t or wouldn’t do when you are responsible and answerable to someone you love.


It’s this personality type that finds love later in love to be far more satisfying. Like loving young, loving when you’re older also has advantages.


What Is The Best Age To Find Love? I reckon when you’re in your 40’s. These are my reasons:


  • You’re much less paranoid, for a start!

When your partner’s half an hour late to a party and hasn’t sent a text, you rather (sensibly and accurately) assume they’re on the tube and running late rather than having sex on their desk with a hot workmate.


You choose better because age does improve our judgement and, almost despite yourself, do end up wiser about who is right for you.


The older you are, the more likely you are to know what you want, and if you’re even half decent at being able to articulate that to someone else, more likely to get it.


There’s an advantage to a slightly dampened libido – you’re less likely to cheat and know the difference between bloody good sex and love.


After the many breaks and bruises the average heart receives in 20-odd years of living and loving, you’re also quite appreciative when you do find a relationship that works well.


The other rather glorious thing about finding love late is this: it feels just as ridiculously heart-pounding-flip-floppy as it did the first time you fell heavily but it’s got more substance and depth.


You trust it to last rather than feel it’s going to blow away with the gust of your first argument.


What Is The Best Age To Find Love? Late love is by far the better fit for me. What about you?


To understand if you’re at the place in your life where you’re truly ready to find love, it’s important to know what this kind of connection with someone else actually entails.


In the most basic sense, a serious relationship is one in which you’re completely committed to your partner; you’re open and honest with one another; you trust each other deeply;


and you’re on the same page, not only in terms of your values and ethics but about your future together as well.


While there’s no specific age, milestone, or turning point that can signify when you should have a serious relationship, you should look internally and be completely honest with yourself about what you truly want and feel at this juncture in your life.


If you’re trying to figure out when you should embark on the journey toward meeting “the one,” there are five key signs that you should look out for to determine if a serious relationship is the right choice for you right now.


  • You Want to be Fully Committed to Another Person

If you’re wondering if you’re truly ready to have a serious relationship, you should be excited about the prospect of totally committing yourself to someone else.


In other words, if you’re longing for both emotional and physical intimacy, then a serious relationship can be a rewarding option for you.


However, if you’re more interested in dating different people and enjoying relationships that have no strings attached, then you’re not yet ready to have a serious relationship.


  • You Know What You Want in a Partner

When you’re truly ready to have a serious relationship, you should know what attributes and qualities you’re seeking in another person.


Specifically, you should understand which characteristics you require of a potential partner. For example, is it imperative that your partner shares your religion, political beliefs, or even your affinity for yoga?


Once you know what you truly value in another person, you start to lay the groundwork for finding a relationship of value in every respect.


  • You’re Done Making Excuses

In many instances, people shy away from finding a serious relationship because they don’t believe that they have the time or energy that this kind of relationship entails.


For instance, many people who have demanding work schedules are deterred from looking for a serious relationship because they feel as though they’re unable to devote the appropriate amount of attention to another person.


However, when you’re ready for a serious relationship, you’ll be done making excuses that are preventing you from going after what you truly want.


You’ll be able to prioritize and strategize so that work responsibilities and outside commitments don’t prevent you from having a deep connection with someone else.


  • You Don’t Feel Pressured Into Having a Serious Relationship

When you’re ready to have a serious relationship, it’s because it’s something that you truly want.


This type of life-changing decision has to be one that you make on your own. And if you’re being pressured by your partner, your family, or your friends to make this kind of serious commitment before you’re ready or interested in doing so, you’re setting yourself up for failure in the future.

Do Soulmates Always End Up Together?

Do Soulmates end up together

Do Soulmates Always End Up Together? No.  Why don’t we end up with our soulmates?

Blame Disney.


Seriously. From the time you were in diapers, you were fed a steady diet of poisonous ideas about how relationships work.


You were told, over and over, that when you find your soulmate you live happily ever after.




A relationship succeeds or fails based on the choices you and your partner make. Your relationship did not randomly crash and burn. It crashed and burned because of the choices you and your ex made.


How do you recognize a soul mate? They don’t wear a sign, you can’t ask “the exact right question” and you won’t be able to distinguish the flutter in your heart from infatuation.


You know. You just know. Some people say “I knew it on the first date. The first time I kissed her, I got a flash of what heaven must be like. I felt more than comfortable with her, I wanted to be with her every second of every hour of every day until the end of the world.”


Do Soulmates Always End Up Together? No. Some soulmates are not even meant to be in a relationship. Soulmates show up in your life, as part of an agreement made before you were both born, that you will help each other learn important lessons in this lifetime.


Sometimes this means you will be in a relationship, and sometimes that relationship will last for years or the rest of your lifetime.


And sometimes it means that you only spend a brief amount of time together, enough to have the experiences together that will hopefully lead to you learning what you needed to learn.


Usually, a lot of pain and heartbreak are involved. You can choose to learn from and grow more mature and spiritually informed, or you can use to wallow in self-pity and self-defeat.


Do Soulmates Always End Up Together? Not really. Don’t worry, if you choose wrong, you get to do a do-over, then another one… then another one…


If you finally just decide you would rather work on a NEW lesson, then buckle down and learn from this one.


What if you find your soulmate at the wrong time? Does life bring that person back into your life at the right time, or was it not your soulmate?


Soulmates according to the general perspective are about lovers, but it isn’t always supposed to be that, soulmates could be two souls who have a similar purpose and energy.


Whenever anyone hears the word “soulmate” they presume it to be two lovers or assume it is a romantic relationship, it is at times because of the strong attraction and connection between them.


The real reason soulmates come together is to awaken each other about the purpose of life and to awaken the soul about who they are.


Do Soulmates Always End Up Together? No, they aren’t always supposed to stay together, which they usually do, but once the purpose is done the soulmates may part ways.


People often link soulmates to romantic partners. To me, however, you can find your soulmate in anyone.


A soulmate is essentially someone who will break you down to your last atom, and take it from there, to piece by piece build you.


To show you your weaknesses, and that you are beautiful, and with a purpose in life. They guide you to your destiny, and they need not remain by your side forever.


Once their part in your life is over, you have to carry forward on the path that you were seeking for so long, but were not able to see.


Soulmates are people you can be brutally honest with, be your mad self, and they will still bear it all with a smile.


A person who understands not only your smiling face but also your darkest corners.

At What Age Do Relationships Last?

At what age do Relationships Last

At What Age Do Relationships Last? After the twenties! The twenties are considered to be the best phase of one’s life.


You are young, wild, energetic, and have just started exploring what all life has to offer. You are taking baby steps in the professional world, understanding yourself, and figuring out what suits you the best.


This phase has the potential to decide how your life will turn out to be. If you have found ‘the one and are in a happy relationship—good for you!


At What Age Do Relationships Last? Getting into a serious relationship in your 20s might not be a great idea and such a Relationship might not last. Here’s why…


  • Career matters!

The twenties is the time when you figure out what you want to do professionally in your life. Either you have entered the corporate world and are working hard (and partying harder!) to step up the corporate ladder.


  • ​​You are still exploring yourself

Until and unless you are sure about what exactly you seek in a partner or your relationship, how can you commit to a relationship?


You have seen romantic movies and read fairy tale stories, and there is a high probability that you derive the idea of love and relationships from these.


At What Age Do Relationships Last? Mostly from the ’30s. In reality, you might not even understand the difference between love and infatuation. Hence, it is wise to hold your horses, take your own sweet time and take this plunge when you are sure about it.


At What Age Do Relationships Last? Not in the twenties. The twenties are for exploring.


I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend Conclusion

I am desperate for a girlfriend Conclusion

I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend Conclusion. It is not advisable to be too desperate to be in a relationship. It will mean lowering your standards just to be romantically involved with Someone.


I Am Desperate For A Girlfriend Conclusion. Focus on bettering yourself and you will surely stand out and be noticed in no time.

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I think my boyfriend is cheating on me
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Overwhelmed meaning


PTSD quotes

Cheating quotes

Relationship poems

What to do if a guy doesn’t text you for a week

Stages of a rebound relationship

Feeling used

I am too scared to date again

9 texts to never send a man or woman

I still love my ex

Do you have anger issues please take the test click here

Do guys notice when you ignore them

Why can’t I get over my ex who treated me badly?

Communal Narcissism

Emotional cheating texting

Narcissist love bombing

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