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How to have swagger?

How to have swagger?

How to have swagger

How to have swagger? Swagger is a hot topic. Everyone wants to know how to have it. What is swagger, really? It’s a sense of inner confidence. Far from the exaggerated confidence of the arrogant, a man who has swagger is easy going, with an extra spring in his step that men and women alike notice. Do you want to know how to have swagger? Read on, because the key to cultivating swag is a lot easier than you think.


Confidence Can Be Cultivated

One of the biggest lies going is that you’re either born with confidence or you aren’t. Put simply, swagger is just a series of behaviors, one that any man can learn and cultivate. Chief among these is confidence.


Simple things like walking tall and smiling will give you greater confidence. You can also gain confidence, and thus, swagger, by hitting the gym or acquiring new skills. Given enough time, you will become the confident man that you’ve always wanted to be, one step closer to having all the swagger in the world.


Posture and Smile

Good body language is one of the easiest ways to start showing your swagger. The two things that you need above all for swagger are good posture and a good smile.


These are things that you can and should practice in front of your bathroom mirror.

It doesn’t take a lot of time: Block out 15 minutes a day to practice both of these things and that should be more than enough. A little bit of investment in yourself means a lot of swagger in the long run.


Body Language

There’s more to body language than just smiling and standing up straight. If you want to have a swagger, you also have to work on your body language about women. When you speak to women, try angling your body away from them and leaning in when they talk.


When it’s your turn to speak, turn toward them. This takes some of the pressure off of each of you, while also communicating a bit of swagger by showing that you’re not seeking her approval.


Owning Who You Are

Who are you? Are you a big, lumbering bro who loves beer and football? Are you a nerdy little guy who likes reading and anime? Are you a hipster, complete with a mustache and obscure musical tastes?


There’s nothing wrong with any of these and each of them can know how to have swagger. However, if you want to have that swagger, you need to own who you are. Don’t ever be ashamed and remember that no matter what your deal is, there’s a woman — probably quite a lot of them — that is going to think you’re just perfect.


Approach Boldly

Put all that swagger into practice. The next time that you’re out at a bar or club, the second that you see a woman that you want to talk to, walk up to her and start talking. Don’t wait, don’t lurk around, just do it. There are few better ways to show how to have swagger than by being the guy who approaches boldly and right away.

How do I know if I have swagger?

How do I know if I have swagger

How do I know if I have swagger? There’s tons of research reinforcing the almighty power of a confident persona. Just one example is a University of Sussex study that recently proved that the “brain is wired to allow confident people to influence our beliefs.” Does that make the opposite true as well? No confidence = no credibility = no power of persuasion??


No wonder there’s so much focus around developing a swaggery persona. But what if we’re going about this all wrong? What if all the time, training, reading, and practicing spent building the bullshit face of perfection we think the world wants and needs from us is getting in the way of achieving the real goal?


And what if that external manifestation isn’t what you thought it was in the first place? What if the outward appearance of a swagger is just strutted over substance, more full of crap than full of confidence? What if swagger is something altogether different than we’ve been led to believe?

Are you among the people asking ‘How do I know if I have swagger?’ Here are your tips?


  1. You Don’t Bother Faking It

The old ‘fake it ’til you make it goes against the swagger ethos. If someone with a swagger doesn’t know something — they’ll be the first to tell you.


There’s no shame in it for them. They know that competence leads to confidence, not the other way around, and the best way for them to up their game is by raising a hand and asking for clarity.

When you have a swagger, you’re never worried about looking stupid because you know you aren’t. You prefer to revel in curiosity rather than drown in ego.


  1. You’re Not Starving for Validation

People with true swagger don’t give a rat’s ass about whether others are judging them. People who know how to have swagger do not need validation of any sort. They know their value in the world and don’t require reminders. Instead of being driven by ambition, they’re more concerned about being in their place of excellence. When you celebrate someone with a swagger, they’re never self-deprecating.


They take the compliment and appreciate it. But they don’t NEED it. Instead of trying to get people to see that you’re so awesome if you have swagger you just get on with the job of BEING awesome and know your good work will get you the appropriate recognition in time.


  1. Your Truth and Intention are Always Clear

Swagger is rooted in truth, intention, and self-belief. You feel compelled to speak your truth and always know why it’s important to do so. Those with swagger are genuinely interested in both being in service of others and in the collective good. But they will not spout bullshit to achieve their own (or your) goals.


When you have swagger, you have a clear vision for what you need to say and do to make a difference, even if it’s not popular. And somehow you manage to get away with it — much to the awe of your peers.


  1. You Only Have One Face

People with swagger don’t bother putting on a persona ‘mask’. They’re fundamentally the same in front of senior executives in high-stakes situations as they are with friends over beers. It doesn’t mean they don’t get nervous, but they don’t lose their minds (or their center) as a result.


If you have a swagger, people often admiringly say that with you ‘what you see is what you get. You have comfort in your skin that isn’t shaken by circumstance.


  1. You Have a Healthy Dose of ‘i don’t care what you think or say’

Swagger doesn’t walk around riddled by insecurity. While those around you are popping anti-anxiety meds due to career stresses, your mind just doesn’t go there. You’re OK asking yourself “what’s the worst thing that could happen” because you know the answer is “nothing that bad”.


Your perception of the world is pretty aligned with reality so you don’t sweat the imaginary stuff. And when life does throw you a challenge, you just step up with your truth and intention and hope for the best. But even at the worst of times, you never get reduced to being an asshole.

How do I get more swag?

How do I get more swag

How do I get more swag? Knowing how to have swag isn’t just about dressing right or being into certain kinds of music or ideas. It’s a whole way of life


  1. Have confidence. The number one tip on how to have swagger is Confidence. Think about it. When have you ever thought someone had swag, looked cool, or was someone you wanted to hang out with who stuttered and was nervous all the time?


Your confidence needs to come from within. Just know you have style, you have value, and you won’t let anyone get you down. If you truly believe it, others will too.


  1. Walk tall. Make sure you stand proud and walk tall. If you hold your head up high wherever you go, people automatically think of you as confident, and people notice you more.


  1. Know what you’re talking about. There is nothing worse than someone with all these big opinions who don’t have a darn clue what they are talking about. If you say you like a band or want to talk politics or whatever you choose to bring up a conversation about—make sure you did your research.


If you are in the league of people asking “how do i get more swag?” you shouldn’t pretend to like something just because it’s trendy or because other people say they do. It’s okay to admit when you haven’t heard of something or don’t know what people are talking about. Simply saying, “Oh, I don’t know what that is, tell me about it,” is so much better than agreeing only to get caught at a later stage.


  1. Look people in the eye. Make eye contact with people when you talk to them. When you walk into a room or party, or even just when you stroll down the street, look people in the eyes. A cheeky nod or wink also gives you an air of confidence and makes you seem approachable and fun.


  1. Feel comfortable in your skin. To learn how to have swag, give the impression that you feel comfortable in your skin. If you always try to change yourself or moan about the way you look, you’ll never have swag. You should know who you are, accept it, and be happy with your lot.


  1. Dress with originality. Having swag is not about following the masses. It’s about being unique and original and having your take on things, no matter what. You don’t have to be original for the sake of it, but a little flair here and there that’s uniquely yours makes you stand out from the crowd.


  1. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions. People with swag don’t blindly agree with what everyone else says. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and develop opinions that go against the crowd. Diversity and great debates are what life is all about.


  1. Understand good body language. Make sure you know your body language. Just simple things like standing with your body open towards someone, not getting too close, nodding, and smiling, all make you come across as a confident and charming person

How do guys walk with swagger?

How do guys walk with swagger

How do guys walk with swagger? Part of developing your swagger is learning how to call on it at will. Like magic, you can go from being a shy, awkward nerd to the coolest person in the room.  You learn to make the change that practically turns you into another person almost instantly.


You do it through practicing mind control – getting into the state. Just as enclothed cognition transforms how you see yourself, the biomechanics of your body and external expression control


Think of the times when you’ve felt like a sexy bad-ass – like when you put on your awesome clothes, for example. Remember how you stood – the pitch of your shoulders, the way you cocked your hip and held your head. Think of how your chest was out and open and your arms were relaxed.


How do guys walk with swagger?Think of every part of that moment. How did you stand? How did you move and act? If you can’t remember, then watch some of your role models. What is it that makes Han Solo stand out over Luke Skywalker? How does Henry Cavill carry himself? What Would Kit Harrington Do?


Now, as you hold those images and emotions in mind… adopt that posture. Mimic those actions, use that walk. Carry yourself the way that you did when you felt so sexy it hurt. Make it physical; raise your energy level and walk around the room the way that you did – or that Henry might or that Solo would.


You’re using the biomechanics of your body to transform your brain. Just as the act of smiling makes you happier, by adopting the posture and behavior of someone who feels that easy, sexy, swagger, you start to feel that easy confidence.


The more you make your swagger a part of your identity, the easier it is to maintain. It becomes an organic part of you, something that’s just there when you need it. While you’re developing and finding your swagger, you want to avoid the things that hinder you. After all, it’s far easier to summon your swagger when you don’t have to start from zero every time.


Just as it can be hard to go from spending time alone to diving headfirst into being social, having to make a massive effort to be ready to find your swagger can be exhausting. The less energy you have to expend hyping yourself up and getting into the state, the more you have to spend on the things you want to be doing.


The problem is that many of us have several bad habits that drain or swagger away or make it more difficult to call to hand when we need it. It’s hard to feel like a sexy bad-ass when you’re wearing a ratty, stained tee shirt and jeans that stink of stale cigarettes and last week’s dinner. Trying to maintain that cocksure confidence is difficult when you feel like you’re lying or putting on a costume.

What does it mean if someone says you have swagger?

What does it mean if someone says you have swagger

What does it mean when someone says you have swagger? If someone says you have swagger they mean you conduct yourself self in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner

especially you walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence.


What does it mean if someone says you have swagger? We’ve all heard old sayings like “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” or “actions speak louder than words.” It turns out there’s some science to that. Words make up just seven percent of what we say.


The rest is in our non-verbal communication – from the tone of our voices to hand gestures to shoulder stance. In just a tenth of a second after meeting somebody, we make up our minds about a person based on body language and facial expressions. What are you saying about yourself without, well, actually saying it?


Take your walk as an example. A confident man will take longer strides, rather than sneaking by or scurrying along. Taking wider steps also makes you seem more purposeful – a man with somewhere to be. A confident man smiles, not because he is careless, but because he is carefree. Not only does smiling positively change our attitudes and increase self-esteem, but it’s also a huge part of connecting with people.


When people go to an important job interview or go out on a hopeful first date, most people are so focused on what they are saying that they often completely overlook how they are saying it.


That’s a huge mistake. If 93 percent of what we say comes from body language, then that leaves very little that’s related to the content of what you’re saying. The majority of people’s judgments are based on appearance and non-verbal cues.


Maybe in past times, having swagger may be offensive but now the word has been modernised. Having swagger is now a compliment and not an insult to your personality.


If you have ever seen someone striding with bluster, with a saunter, with a strut, if they walk like they are boasting, like they own the room, they have swagger.


Swagger is defiant and strong but it can tip into being insolent or arrogant. In a general sense, it’s meant as a compliment.

How to get your swagger back?

How to get your swag back

How to get your swagger back? What is an air of confidence? It’s giving off a sense that you are successful or great at something, and that you know it.


It is a sense of complete comfort in any social situation, and the authority in the voice of someone who knows what they’re talking about.


Approaching a topic such as how to be cool and have swag makes it sound like I should be writing this in autotune, spilling a glass of Cristal from the window of my Bugatti just because I can afford it too.


But a real confident swagger, the kind that seems to be followed by good fortune and a happy lifestyle wherever it goes, is so far from that. It’s living a beneficial, positive lifestyle that affords the air of confidence you think is out of reach.

Here are a few ways on how to get your swagger back


Invest in yourself

People can only walk with confidence when they know they’re working on building themselves.


Maybe they exercise regularly or are learning an instrument, or playing hard for their sports team. Maybe they are working hard towards a job or qualification they want.


In any case, a huge part of building confidence is working to improve the changeable aspects of yourself that need development, and discovering new things you’re capable of.


Even simply throwing yourself into the things you enjoy can be a massive confidence boost.

Most of the people you see exuding confidence will still be way off their end goal. But they’ve been setting themselves small goals and achieving small successes.


They then use these successes as reference points. It feeds their confidence going into the next encounter, or the next opportunity.


You can try to think about the tiniest aspects of how to have swag, how to walk or dress, or what to say to sound confident, but true, core confidence is only going to come from a positive mindset.


That positive mindset is what fuels the air of cool confidence that you’re looking for.


The wardrobe

It’s important to dress well if you’re looking to know how to have swagger and strut like a million dollars.

No one’s suggesting you need to drop a fortune on designer gear, but dressing in a way that suits you and makes you look good without trying.


Always go understated, but well-fitting, and keep an eye on the general shapes and styles at the moment. Avoid flashiness or garishness.


And use clothes as a reason to overcome social barriers and chat with people. If you like someone’s suit, coat, or shirt, ask them where they got it. Then have a browse on the shop’s website.


True self-esteem takes root regardless of what you’re wearing. But the definition of swagger is giving off that confidence, and showing everyone in the room how you feel.


That is expressed, in part, through clothing. See how your stride changes in a simple smart shirt, trousers, and the customary new shoes.


If you have no fashion sense or don’t know where to look, get a female friend or family member to help out. They know you, and what makes you look good.


Carrying yourself with confidence

Although you shouldn’t have to constantly think about your hand motions and facial expressions, it’s important to know what confident body language looks like.


Posture is crucial. Keeping your chest out and your shoulders back and taking long, deliberate strides shows purpose and poise. Smiling shows positivity and a carefree attitude.

Carry that deliberate intent over to your hand gestures, and keep a tab on how wildly you’re gesticulating.


Making eye contact with people is an important way to connect and crucial to demonstrating comfort in your skin.

You also carry yourself when you’re sitting. Your posture needs to be relaxed and comfortable, with your hands open and by your side or in your lap.


And the importance of avoiding fidgeting and moving around a whole lot cannot be overstated – it gives off the stench of insecurity. If you want to look comfortable, also ditch any playing with your face or ears.


None of this will need to be at the forefront of your attention if you just keep a positive narrative in your head.


Be comfortable with your downsides

Building a library of positive references is not just important for a positive and confident self-image, but also for accepting your flaws.


There isn’t a single perfect person on the planet, and if someone goes to great lengths to paint themselves as such they’re likely playing smoke and mirrors.

Once you accept the things that are less than perfect about you, you open yourself up to the great things about you.


It’s getting to know and love those bits of you that will grant you your swagger. If you make people feel comfortable, spread positivity, and listen during conversations, the minor flaws that only you notice won’t matter. So be at peace with them.


Stop caring about what others think

This is the fundamental part of how to have swagger: It looks carefree because it is. It’s also the part that only comes from consistently doing the best for yourself, sticking to your values, presenting yourself well, and having a positive narrative in your head.


One of the most important things I ever learned was that people are largely only thinking of themselves when they talk to you.

If you’re at a networking event, or on a date, or at a party or social gathering, you are one interaction of the many they will have throughout the evening.


So know you’re worth talking to and embody your core confidence. This also heavily contributes to leaving your comfort zone, as you fear judgment less and continually place yourself in unusual and challenging situations.


You can build even stronger reference points and voila! Even more confidence.

Swagger walk gif

Swagger walk gif

Swagger walk gif. You have probably seen gifs or memes demonstrating how people walk with swagger. Or let’s say you haven’t, there are short clips and images of how people walk with swagger.


Though, some might be in a mocking manner, most simply illustrate how to walk confidently and stylishly and still remain poised and attractive

Swagger walk gif can be found on the internet or even while chatting with a friend because they are very expressive short clips.


Part of what kills your swagger is feeling like you don’t have the “right” to it. The belief that you don’t deserve to feel that confident or that you haven’t “earned” the right to think you’re awesome will torpedo your swagger like a U-boat tracking an American cruise liner.


Believing that your desire and emotions are bad or unjustified sucks away at your faith in yourself. It leaves you feeling unworthy – the literal opposite of swagger.


Part of what holds back many men is the belief that their wrong for desiring something or that being interested in them is inherently creepy or bad. They feel shame for wanting something as little as walking with swagger because they feel that their interest is an imposition on others. A man who’s found his swagger on the other hand is up front with his interest. He owns it, is comfortable with it.

Swagger personality

Swagger personality

Swagger personality. The traditional form of the world’s first initial use is documented by William Shakespeare – a real poet that did not have to auto-tune his voice. The word first debuted in 1600 printing of the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream; the context of its use went along these lines:


“What hempen homespuns have we swaggering here?” The correct definition of the word applies to carrying oneself in an insolent or supercilious manner. In short: the term connotes that swagger is displaying dominance over others as if they are your inferiors. Or, to be Elite.


But under no circumstances does the swagger personality have to do with wearing colorful sneakers or dressing like hipsters. Swagger is a part of a man’s attitude affirmed by his successor position in life – not a new Gucci belt clinging your jeans just above your knees so your boxers can show.


Every man needs to have some sort of swagger to their demeanor. This is the mindset that separates the weak from the strong, that makes a man stand out from the crowd.


When Darwin started the human law of survival of the fittest he intended to mean that the fittest must have a certain repertoire to them known as swagger. Certain factors come into play in a man’s swagger, and they are explained below:



Dominance is a contingent factor if you want to know how to have swagger. This is not dominance in any one facet of life, like Black Jack; rather, this is an omnipresent dominance. This is the feeling of knowing that you are indeed better than everyone else around you in every aspect of life, from being an intelligentsia to having the ability to pick up any woman.


With swagger, all eyes are on you – and for good reason. Whether subserviently or acquiescently received, people will show you respect because they fear your ability to greatness.



Now, of course, you will need a certain confidence to assert your dominance. A weak man lacks the confidence to take the next step in life. And confidence cannot be taught, whether you have it or not.

It is a mindset unlike any other that allows you to present your swagger. You may have every reason to possess a swagger, but without confidence, you will not be able to assert it selectively.


This confidence makes a man feel as if he can conquer anything at any time. Losing is never an option or even a thought. Strong-minded individuals are the fittest in the world. To be elite you must have your mind be programmed with confidence and nothing else.



Swagger also goes hand and hand with style, but not with the same criteria of the talentless rapper in a cut-sleeve jean jacket and no undershirt. The style we are talking about is a clean-cut style that portrays your dominance and confidence no matter where you go.


In the same way that confidence and dominance give you the mentality to assert your swagger, your style allows you to appear that way to others before you even speak. As the old saying goes “you are the way you feel”, if you look good then in essence you will feel good. Trust me, you feel a lot better when you are wearing a £20,000 Rolex rather than when you wore a cheap Mont Blanc.



Next brings us to the class that an elite man has within his swag. While money can stir swagger in any person, class is an acquired taste few will miss. Despite this, it is a necessary part of having a swagger. The loudest person in the room is the weakest.


So the man with swagger is dominant and confident with style but is not a loud douche bag. This is a James Bond mentality where you are the man of mystery who does not show all of his cars at once. Class is acting appropriately at all times. And timing is everything, gentleman.



Last is the characteristic of charisma. Many leaders on this planet are known for their charismatic persona. Charisma is what draws the people around you into your personality. Your appearance allows you to tell a story to them without you even saying anything.


Being the shy, good guy may get you laid sometimes, but being charismatic and aggressive will get you remembered. The bad-boy, asshole mindset plays a role in this factor as well, as those are necessary for swagger. So in case you were wondering, nice guys do finish last.



Swagger is an attitude, a manner that incorporates style but is not wholly dependent on it. So most of all, swagger is about conduct. Do not misconstrue the term to apply to rappers throwing bottles at one another in the club. Those are posers, just like any fake Birkin bag on Canal Street in New York.


Swagger is a part of the Elite mindset and is only reserved for use by the fittest of the world.

Is having swagger a good thing?

Is having swagger a good thing

Is having swagger a good thing? A real confident swagger, the kind that seems to be followed by good fortune and a happy lifestyle wherever it goes, is exactly what we all want. It’s living a beneficial, positive lifestyle that affords the air of confidence you think is out of reach, but still, having swagger makes a lot of people think you have it when in hindsight you don’t.


Is having swagger a good thing? Having swagger attracts good things, mostly though. This is a good thing and yes, not everyone will learn to walk with such grace and confidence but it is still good for your personality.


Swagger is that mix of confidence and assurance that gives a man the extra oomph, that ineffable quality that makes him almost magically appealing. Swagger is part of what makes an individual go from attractive to magnetic.


Being in a state of flow gives you an almost unshakable self-confidence. You believe in yourself – and expect other people to believe in you too. You hold your head high when you walk, and project a feeling of belief and competence to everyone around you.


When things go wrong – as they inevitably do – your swagger stops you from getting anxious and worried – and instead allows you to think effectively and choose the right way to proceed. It’s like having a bullet-proof vest for your emotional state – you just don’t let things get to you anymore.

Confident swagger

Confident swagger

Confident swagger. Swagger is an intriguing word. It is something all men want yet have trouble defining. Whenever you look up the definition of swagger, you can find two meanings of the word; one that talks about confidently carrying yourself while the other is about carrying yourself in a loud, arrogant and boastful manner.


Like all body language, it can be done in such a way that it looks overcompensating or like you’re trying too hard. Walking with an air of confidence can look like you have been infused with steroids. When you seem arrogant you are usually not too far away from ignorant, and nothing is more unattractive than ignorance.


Swagger is a state of mind, confidence, knowing your worth, and being able to show it. Most importantly, it is subtle. These movements coming from someone too overtly will come off as non-verbal bragging or being “fake”. It won’t be natural. It should be under the radar so to speak, with someone only noticing by zeroing in on you out of curiosity, not by you seeking attention.


If you are trying to find your confident swagger, try these helpful tips:


  1. Get in touch with your body – Make sure you are physically active several times a week. To be in control of what your body is communicating, you have to be in control of your body. If you need help in this area try a martial arts class, yoga, or dancing. Find something you have fun doing. Get off your butt.


  1. Feel the music around you – It is one thing to hear the music that’s playing, but it is another to feel it. Allow it to infect your thoughts and how your body wants to move to it. Find the music that urges you to feel sexy, allow it to take you farther than ever before, and soak it in through all of your pores.


  1. Try to do regular body checks – We all know what confident body language looks like and if we are not thinking about it our bodies go naturally to our default body position. Chin up, shoulders down and back and arms at our sides.


Think about a chain pulling us up into the ceiling from the base of our skull and standing as tall as can be. Do this several times a day until you have internalized your new body language.


  1. Get some clothes that fit – As superficial as it is, the easiest way to change is from the outside in with the inside playing catch up. It’s called fake till you make it. I know what a new pair of jeans, a new shirt and a new pair of shoes does for me.

If you want to know how to have swagger? Get yourself to the mall or a hip thrift or vintage store and have the sales girl help you out. Go through a couple of men’s magazines first and pick out a few ideas, cut them out and take them to the store with you.


  1. If you are feeling good so be it – Don’t be afraid to let others fall by the wayside if you are feeling good about yourself. There is an old saying that if you put a bunch of crabs into a pot of boiling water they will climb all over each other to get out. If any of the crabs make it close to freeing itself one of the other crabs will pull it back in.


Most humans aren’t so different and if you start working on yourself, you will see that some of your friends might not have had your best intentions in mind after all. They will do whatever is necessary to keep you next to them in the game of life.


What can I say? Misery loves company. You will have to find yourself some new friends who can be supportive of your wants and needs. Warning: Don’t forget your real friends. You are going through a transitional period and some of your older friends will be a little concerned so keep them in the loop.


  1. Get that hair styled – Now that you have your new look, it needs to be complete with a new do. It doesn’t have to be outrageous or hard to maintain, just styled. You can get a decent-styled haircut for £25 -£.35


If you’re in the city you can go to a training school and get it done for free. Once again, check out a few pics of hairstyles you like and take them to your hairdresser. Let him or her know exactly how much maintenance you plan on dealing with.

Swagger meaning

Swagger meaning

Swagger meaning. This is a person who walks or behaves in a way that shows that he/she is very confident and thinks that they are important. If you swagger, you walk in a very proud, confident way, holding your body upright and swinging your hips.

Some examples of swagger meaning are:

  1. A broad-shouldered man wearing a dinner jacket swaggered confidently up to the bar.
  2. He was an arrogant, swaggering young man

Walking with swagger

Walking with swagger

Walking with swagger. Like I talked about earlier, to have swagger entails certain things and you not doing certain things like;


No Eye Contact

If you avert your eyes as soon as someone else is coming your way, you look weak. No need to stare aggressively – just make eye contact, and maybe give a nod.


If you make eye contact with a woman, hold it for a second or two. Maybe give her a wink. Have fun. But remember – you don’t want to hold eye contact with a strange woman for more than 2 seconds, or you start to look creepy.


Hunching Your Shoulders

You don’t hunch your shoulders – right? Before you answer, try the pencil trick. Hold a pencil in each fist and stand the way you normally do, with your arms by your sides.

Is the point of the pencil straight forwards? If so, congratulations – you don’t hunch your shoulders. The rest of you may be a little shocked… especially if you work a desk job.


Being Tense

You get nervous, tighten up your hands into a fist, and barely move your arms as you’re walking around. If you have to do something anxiety-inducing like walking on stage to give a speech, you do not move your arms.

Now everyone can see how anxious you are. A lot of men don’t notice when they’re doing this. Make a conscious effort to relax your arms and hands and let them move.


Taking Small Steps

Again, practice is permanent. A lot of people have just gotten used to taking smaller steps.

This isn’t about leg length – I’m not asking shorter guys to take the same strides as big guys. I’m talking about proportionally good-sized steps for your body.


Walk with confidence

This may not matter most times, but when you’re going up in front of a group you want to walk with confidence.

 walking with swagger requires you walk with purpose. You don’t take small unsure strides. You walk with certainty and do so stylishly for others to admire you.

Swagger person

Swagger person

Swagger person. The formal definition of swagger isn’t flattering. “To walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way. Synonyms include; boast, brag, bluster, crow, gloat.

Why would anyone want that? Instead, wouldn’t it be great if we could just walk into any situation being exactly who we are, and genuinely put a hand on our heart and say “I got this’ ‘. Even more importantly, confidently say to others “I got you” and know it was true. That’s my kinda swagger person.


So here’s a re-definition.

Swagger is the manifestation and acceptance of who you are and the ability to keep that ‘self’ intact as it surfaces through all the psychological mess that tries to suppress it — regardless of the environment.

It’s badass-ness in the most human sense. Swagger has got nothing to do with being either perfect or right. It’s far more related to self-acceptance than it is to self-assuredness.

How to have swagger conclusion

How to have swagger conclusion

How to have swagger conclusion Swagger is a good dose of confidence. A lack of swagger can be a problem because it prevents you from living your fullest potential. If you feel you deserve swagger, you can have it! It’s a mindset. But most people do not love themselves enough to stop their endless mental criticism, or they’re terrified of being judged by their peers, so they only show tiny bursts of swagger. Their confidence is held in restraint, only expressing itself when it’s socially appropriate.


I’ve always been confident, but it’s always been grounded or muted by humility and a fear of being obnoxious to others. Even though I always wanted to express OVERFLOWING confidence that radiates from my being — confidence that flows through the way I walk and talk — I’d still hold back.

How to have swagger conclusion points out that having swagger is not arrogance now. Arrogance is an “attitude of superiority” – whilst swagger is simply an inherent self belief, coupled with the motivation to go and get what you want.


Arrogance, for many reasons, is seen as a negative trait. Nobody likes an arrogant sod – and arrogance, more often than not, is merely a defense shield against deep rooted insecurities.


Arrogance is the opposite of swagger. Swagger is just a feeling of confidence expressed overtly. There is no feeling “superior” to anyone else – you just believe in yourself and go after what you want in life.


This is a positive trait to possess. Arrogant folk don’t tend to get very far – they upset too many people on the road to success. People with swagger – that is, people who truly believe in themselves, people who carry themselves like they are already the success they want to be, people who pick themselves up and dust themselves off after setbacks – they’re cool people – and they have poise.

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