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Trinny London

Trinny London

Trinny London

Trinny London self care exclusive article by M.D.D:  Trinny Woodall, known for her candid and authentic advice, founded Trinny London in 2017 with one goal in mind: to provide everyone with the tools they need to feel their best. To put an end to overflowing makeup bags, we introduced the stack: cream-based, multitasking little pots of joy that click seamlessly together.


Then, with our game-changing skincare collection, we took on the world of skincare. Today, we are constantly developing new products to revolutionize beauty routines around the world.


Trinny established herself as a trusted advisor after a twenty-year career in media, known for her honest advice in assisting people in finding their most complimentary styles, the best skincare, and flattering makeup. In 2017, she founded Trinny London with the unique idea of compact, expandable, deluxe makeup to give everyone the tools they need to feel their best.


They have won numerous awards and been recognized as one of Europe’s fastest-growing brands in our four years of existence, thanks to Trinny’s unrivaled enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit.


Trinny’s passion for business and entrepreneurship can be seen in her mentoring of other start-up founders, speaking at industry events regularly, and launching the Elevator Pitch series on Instagram – a space where female entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their business ideas to a large audience.

Why We Recommend Trinny London Website For Self-Care

Why We Recommend Trinny London Website For Self Care

Why we recommend Trinny London website for self-care. Trinny would mix a stick foundation with a liquid, a lip tint with a gloss, mixing colors and decanting them into small pots in search of the perfect tone and consistency.


Then she realized, ‘there has to be a better way,’ and decided to create her own makeup line. As a result, the big idea was born: a portable, versatile makeup line with colors to suit every woman.


Why we recommend Trinny London website for self-care. With over 20 years of experience working with women and trying to find tailored solutions to their style problems, it only made sense for Trinny’s makeup line to follow suit.


Everyone can get recommendations tailored to their specific combination of Skin, Hair, and Eyes by using Match2Me. Trinny London is dedicated to providing makeup with high-quality ingredients and pigments.


Why we recommend Trinny London website for self-care. Trinny London creates long-lasting products and is committed to reducing waste by reducing the size and bulk of their packaging and actively encouraging customers to reuse their iconic jars.


Why we recommend Trinny London website for self-care. Her tutorial-heavy digital platforms are a safe haven for shared fashion secrets. She’s become the virtual world’s fairy godmother of fashion and beauty for flocks of followers, providing advice on everything from nailing the latest trends to honing a daily make-up palette to complement your clothing.


While Trinny London has long been known for its hybrid cosmetics that treat as well as transform, the brand made its first foray into serious skincare yesterday, on Woodall’s 58th birthday. Cleansers are the first (and, according to Woodall, “most important”) step in your routine.


“A lot of our audience in the beginning thought we were going to launch skincare before make-up, but I always felt that in the years I’ve made-over women, the thing they’ve noticed first is their make-up,” Woodall tells me with her signature vigour.


“Often it’s making swaps like heavy foundation for something that’s more like your real skin, or not using colours that don’t suit you but using colours that do, then they begin to understand how different they can look.


So, in a way make-up is about re-education, while skincare is about education. It’s about learning what’s really going to work well with your skin and then getting into a routine that makes it easy and you’ll realise why you’re doing it.” she said in an interview

Trinny Makeup

Trinny Makeup

Trinny makeup. Few people today understand what women want from their make-up as Trinny Woodall. In just a few years, the stylist and beauty expert has catapulted her eponymous beauty brand into the realm of ‘can’t-live-without-it,’ with consistent sell-outs and lengthy waiting lists as we all clamor for her brilliantly conceived products.


So, what is Trinny London’s secret to success of Trinny makeup? Rather than relying on exotic extracts or buzzy new ingredients that you can barely pronounce (let alone understand), Trinny London’s success is grounded in reality. In short, these products are effective, providing visible results in formulas that can be applied with your fingertips (no make-up artist level skill required here).


As it turns out, practicality has broad appeal. The core line, which includes everything from line-plumping primers to concealers and the simplest swipe-on eye colors, comes in a small pot that can be twisted onto others to create your own completely customized stack.’ The concept is simple yet clever, allowing you to create your face palette.


Then there’s the carefully curated collection of skincare-meets-makeup innovations, ideal for hectic mornings and low-key days. BFF cream, the original best-seller, has recently been joined by BFF Eye concealer and the nourishing BFF De-Stress, which combines the hydrating benefits of a serum with a sheer, skin-brightening tint.


And, if you need a little extra coverage, try the line’s newest addition, BFF Rebalance. Designed to provide more coverage than the original BFF Cream, it works to conceal redness and blemishes while restoring your vital skin barrier, thanks to the niacinamide contained within. It’s ideal if all of your mask-wearing has left your skin in need of some extra TLC.


Many Trinny London romances begin with the BFF Cream. This is the first thing Trinny looks for in the morning, and it’s clear she thought of everything when designing it. If you’re sick of applying primers, creams, and foundations every morning, this citrus-scented tinted moisturizer is for you.


The cream appears white when applied, but it contains color-transforming encapsulated pigments that burst when they come into contact with your skin, creating your perfect, personalised shade with no tell-tale tide marks around your jawline. It contains light-reflecting flower extracts and SPF30 to help brighten dark circles and give you a luminous glow. The best part is that it works perfectly when rubbed in with (clean) hands: no brushes are required.


The coverage is light and incredibly radiant, but if you want a little more coverage, pair it with the Just A Touch concealer.


It’s hardly surprising that this all-in-one wonder has topped the sales charts.


The brand is struggling to keep this product in stock due to unprecedented demand; in fact, 11,000 people signed up for the waitlist when supplies last ran out.


This spongy cream formula, described by the brand as a ‘lip and line filler,’ uses a combination of silicones to instantly blur fine lines on your complexion, making skin look fresher and firmer. Unlike many other line-filling primers, this one has a bouncy, super-hydrating texture that won’t look cakey or powdery after a few hours.


It contains collagen and elastin, so it improves the long-term appearance of your skin, and it can be worn under or over makeup (we love it dabbed on top of foundation for a smoothing boost throughout the day).


Trinny London’s Lash2Brow collection is her best yet from her Trinny makeup line. Lash2Brow is a dual-ended mascara and eyebrow gel that delivers intensely black lengthened lashes as well as fluffy, fuller brows. It quickly rose to the top of the best-seller list.


It’s a very good value choice for crossing two everyday products off your list.


BFF De-stress was created in response to the increasing levels of stress in our daily lives. It’s fair to say that our complexions are constantly being tested, from tiredness to tension and all that screen time.


This clever skincare/make-up hybrid contains NeurophrolineTM, which is thought to break down the cortisol produced by stressed skin cells. It also provides immediate gratification, with light and glowy tint to brighten sallow skin.


This cult concealer was previously available in a stackable pot, but it has recently been reformulated into a lighter serum, making it more nourishing and easier to apply.


The fluid milky texture contains skin-boosting ingredients as well as a touch of light-reflecting pigment to help instantly fade dark circles.


Hyaluronic acid draws moisture into crepey skin, while vitamin C and an exclusive peptide complex work to brighten tone gradually over time. Your eyes will appear brighter and more youthful with both red and blue undertones neutralized.


If seven-shade eye palettes leave you perplexed, this is the product for you. Designed to make wearing eyeshadow an effortless feat, these soft creams practically melt onto lids and stay perfectly in place without smearing or smudging.


They’re supple enough to soften onto your finger, yet won’t slip on oily eyelids. What’s more, the slightly sheer finish means you’ll easily get away with a slap-dash application.


Of the 20 shades, the neutral putty-toned Wisdom comes out on top – users love the universally-flattering taupe shade. Applied as your only eye product, it lends just the right amount of definition, making eyes look larger, without appearing overly ‘done’.


Sheer Shimmer is ideal for anyone looking for a hint of holiday glitz. This multi-use cheek and lip color are glowy without being overly glitzy, and it illuminates without drowning you in sparkle. Try dabbing it over your cheekbones or dabbing it over your favourite lipstick.


The newest member of the BFF Trinny makeup family is proving to be just as popular as the original.


BFF Rebalance is intended for those difficult skin days when oiliness, redness, or breakouts are present. It provides more matte coverage than the original and includes calming botanical extracts to soothe inflammation as well as niacinamide to rebuild a stressed skin barrier. Consider it an emergency product for days when you need a little more makeup.


A party look wouldn’t be complete without a dash of glitter, which is where Trinny London’s new Eyetallics come in. These pretty pots deliver a striking wash of glitter across the eyelids and are incredibly simple to use.


Simply apply them to bare lids with your fingers, or layer them over an Eye2Eye eyeshadow for a more festive look. Aurora, a champagne shade, is sure to please everyone, while Juno is destined for New Year’s Eve.


Using the same product on your cheeks and lips not only saves space in your make-up bag, but also ensures a flawless make-up look. There’s no need to worry about clashing blush and lipstick, and the translucent finish will blend seamlessly with your natural skin and lip tones, creating a ‘your-skin-but-brighter’ effect.


The top-selling shade, Pia, appears alarmingly bright in the pot, but when blended onto cheeks and lips, it transforms into a beautiful mood-boosting fuchsia that will pop on all skin tones – ideal for complementing a bold floral-print dress.


This clever pot is perfect for days when you need a little more coverage. To achieve the most flattering natural look, Trinny believes that foundations and concealers should be applied only where needed, rather than all over the face.


Swipe this sweat- and humidity-resistant cream over blemishes, redness and dark spots to retouch your complexion immediately. Allow it a minute to fully absorb into your skin before judging the results; once the heat from your skin has warmed the pigments, the results are spectacular.


Lip Glow has a lighter, glossier finish than Lip2Cheek, which has a more flat, opaque color. The vitamin E-infused formula is shiny but not sticky, and the subtle pink tint of Mia will complement your natural lip colour.

Miracle Blur Trinny London

Miracle Blur Trinny London

Miracle blur Trinny London. If you haven’t tried Trinny Woodall’s eponymous make-up line yet, we’re not surprised – the brand has become so popular that it’s more difficult to obtain than almost any other make-up product.


But one beauty-boosting formula has proven to be even more coveted than the rest. Miracle blur Trinny London Lip & Line Filler primer has sold out five times since its release (once in as little as 24 hours), making it the most sought-after skin hero in the country right now.


So, what’s the big deal about Miracle blur Trinny London? The secret to this product’s success, it turns out, is that it truly is unlike anything else on the market.


This dense, silicone-based balm works as a primer and a real-life retouching tool, melting into fine lines on your face and lips and instantly smoothing the skin without leaving any residue.


Miracle blur Trinny London. It contains collagen and elastin, which are beneficial to skin in the long run, and can be worn alone, layered under makeup, or patted on top as needed throughout the day.


We love slathering it on top of the brand’s equally popular BFF Cream (or the new, higher-coverage BFF Rebalance) for the ideal balance of radiance and coverage that never looks cakey or obvious. Don’t just take our word for it: Trinny’s Pro Makeup Artist Katie explains how she wears it below.


If you like instant gratification from your products (and who doesn’t? ), this one won’t let you down – the before-and-after images, as well as the customer reviews, are remarkable. There’s a reason why people are vying to get their hands on one.

The Importance Of Self-Care For Women

The Importance Of Self Care For Women

The Importance of self-care for women. When you think of self-care, what comes to mind?


Is the term perceived as self-indulgent or selfish? Perhaps your thoughts immediately turn to expensive spa treatments or shopping. Perhaps your current belief is that self-care is only for those with extra time and money.


If this is the case, it is time to rebrand what this term truly means, particularly to women. We frequently see the message of self-care in female-targeted advertising, usually as a sales pitch for something we don’t need. We’re told, ‘you deserve it,’ so it’s natural that we associate self-care with pampering and spending money.


The Importance of self-care for women. Self-care is simply another term for self-care, which is essential for your health and well-being. More specifically, self-care entails identifying and meeting one’s own needs, which most women struggle with.


Women in our society frequently feel obligated to be caregivers. They prioritize others, including children, spouses, parents, friends, and even pets. So, for a woman, abruptly shifting the balance from everyone else’s care to self-care may feel awkward (and even selfish).


It’s time for women to reconsider self-care and venture into uncharted territory, however uncomfortable it may feel at first.


If you don’t take proper care of yourself, your body will let you know. Self-care simply refers to the act of caring for oneself.


The Importance of self-care for women. Self-care is an essential component of leading a healthy and happy life. Taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically, is essential for regaining control of your health.


We live increasingly hectic lives, and it’s easy to forget to prioritize yourself, especially if you have multiple responsibilities and other people to look after. Looking after yourself, on the other hand, will make you feel better, and the better you feel, the better you will be in all aspects of your life, from work to relationships.


Self-care does not have to take up a lot of time or cost a fortune. It could be bathing, reading a good book, going for a walk outside, or eating your favourite food.


The Importance of self-care for women. Self-care has numerous advantages, the majority of which are interconnected. Committing to self-care should improve your overall well-being.


Physical health can be improved through self-care.


Committing to looking after your body and becoming more in tune with its needs is an important part of self-care. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, exercising more, or getting enough sleep each night, physical health should be a part of any self-care program.


Stress and anxiety can be reduced through self-care.


Another common theme of self-care is making time for relaxing activities such as taking a warm bath, listening to music, or practicing yoga or meditation.


Any activity that makes you feel more relaxed can help to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms and improve your mood.


Self-care can help you feel better about yourself.


Taking time to relax and look after yourself can have a positive impact on the way you see yourself, as well as help to calm your nerves: treating yourself with kindness can make you look upon yourself more kindly.


According to research, people with higher self-esteem are better able to deal with setbacks and are more likely to achieve self-improvement goals.


Self-care safeguards your mental health.


Making changes to prioritize self-care can aid in the management of mental health issues and may even prevent them from worsening.


Of course, self-care is not a substitute for professional assistance, and you should not feel obligated to solve your problems on your own. If your mental health is deteriorating, you should always seek help.


However, if you want to improve your mental health, taking the time to care for yourself both mentally and physically is critical.


Better relationships can result from self-care.


When you think about it, it makes sense: the happier and healthier you are, the more you can give to a relationship.


This is especially true if you are a parent or caregiver5. It is all too easy to prioritize someone else’s needs over your own, but you must also prioritize your own health.


Does Trinny’s Miracle Blur Really Work?

Does Trinnys Miracle Blur Really Work

Does Trinnys’s Miracle blur really work? When a product sells out three times in a row, one of them in less than 24 hours, you know it’s a good one. Enter Trinny London‘s Miracle Blur Primer, a tiny pot that’s making a big splash in the beauty world. Isn’t it just another blurring primer? Wrong.


This bad body is the creme de la creme of complexion enhancers. What makes it so unique? It’s a thick, heavy-duty formula enriched with plumping collagen and elastin that somehow manages to disappear into the skin.


Does Trinnys’s Miracle blur really work? If you’re a primer addict, you’ll know that some blurring formulas can be a pain to blend. You’ve spent five minutes frantically rubbing it in, hoping for smooth skin, and now product is all over your face (never a great look).


There’s no flaky faff with this, thanks to moisturising vitamin E and brightening vitamin C, which leave you with a velvety, soft-focus finish.


Does Trinnys’s Miracle blur really work? It’s fantastic if you have acne scars or an uneven complexion – simply smooth over the affected area and apply your foundation on top as usual.


It had a waiting list of over 6,000 people before the launch. Since then, it has received numerous 5-star reviews, with many users hailing Miracle Blur as a true hero product.


“To be honest, I was skeptical. It has just arrived, and I am completely blown away. It truly works, and I am astounded. thank you very much, x “one customer stated


It took me a long time to find a product that truly fades those age-defining lines. Miracle blur truly works, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I rarely write reviews, but this one was so good that I felt I had to do it justice!” another piece of writing


There are some particularly impressive before and after shots, but I decided to put it to the test, and the results literally blew me away. Not only does it instantly banish pores, fill fine lines, and remove shine, but it also leaves you with the most flawless, youthful-looking base you’ve ever had.


Does Trinnys’s Miracle blur really work? I’d also like to point out that in the after photo, I’m not wearing any makeup – not even a smidgeon of concealer – and look at my skin! I don’t mean to brag, but it’s the closest it’s ever been to perfection. Miracle Blur is a real-life Instagram filter.


While you’re already excited about all the amazing blurring benefits that will soon be in your hands, there’s more good news: it’ll only cost you £26. Keep in mind that the pot is small, but because a little goes a long way, it should last a long time.


The small size is actually a benefit because it allows you to carry it around in your bag and apply touch-ups as needed. Who wants to carry a large bottle of primer around with them? Not us, please.

Is Trinny London BFF Cream Any Good?

Is Trinny London BFF Cream Any Good

Is Trinny BFF cream any good? Trinny Woodall’s eponymous beauty line has been one of the year’s biggest success stories. Trinny London has become a go-to for simple yet effective make-up products that work for all skin types and tones since its launch three years ago.


The best-selling BFF Cream is the product that truly put the brand on our radar. This clever color-adjusting cream acts as a moisturizer, foundation, and SPF all in one and is so popular that it sold out immediately and has long waiting lists.


Indeed, Trinny’s original BFF Cream was so successful that she expanded the concept into a full collection, releasing the BFF Eye and BFF De-Stress Serum shortly after.


Today, the make-up artist debuts the line’s newest addition, which we believe is the best yet. BFF Rebalance is a shine-reducing hybrid product that provides the coverage of a foundation while also providing the benefits of a targeted serum.


Is Trinny BFF cream any good? BFF Rebalance, the original’s higher-coverage sister, is designed to reduce oil, soothe irritated skin, and conceal breakouts – whether hormonal or mask-induced. Trinny was inspired to create it by her own skin problems during the first year of the pandemic.


“Women’s skin has become more congested, and mask-related acne, or’maskne,’ has become a thing,” says Trinny, who adds that she’s seeing a lot of women who are struggling to restore their skin’s health after months of constant mask-wearing. “BFF Rebalance is about balancing your microbiome,” she explains.


Is Trinny BFF cream any good? The formula contains skin-friendly ingredients that are intended to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier. Niacinamide, a vitamin derivative that Trinny describes as “often thought to be for blemishes but is also very good for helping to reduce oil production,” takes center stage.


Many women go through phases in their lives where they produce more oil in their skin, so this is ideal for them.


Calming avocado oil and an exotic-sounding noni bioactive are also included. “Noni is an antioxidant superfood that helps to protect your skin from free radical damage while also having anti-inflammatory benefits,” Trinny explains.


“It’s high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and it’s known for its rejuvenating and nourishing properties – it’ll soften and replenish the texture of your skin.”


Is Trinny BFF cream any good? Indeed, the formula delivers on its promises. The coverage is seamless and buildable, and it is easily applied with your fingers.


It comes in 14 shades and is thick enough to cover redness, breakouts, and dark spots while not feeling suffocating or settling into fine lines throughout the day. If you still need convincing to buy one today, let the brand’s eye-catching un-retouched before-and-after photos do the trick.

Who Is Trinny London Owned By?

Who Is Trinny London Owned By

Who is Trinny London owned by? Trinny Woodall is a renowned fashion and makeover expert, TV presenter, and bestselling author who has been in the industry for over 25 years.


As the founder and CEO of her own beauty brand Trinny London, she keeps her hands-on approach and shares her innate passion for guiding women to their most confident selves.


Who is Trinny London owned by? Trinny noticed there was a gap in the market for a suitable make-up brand for middle-aged shoppers that were being “ignored” by the main market, so she created a solution to the problem.


The mum-of-one is a big believer that everyone should be different and there’s not a one size fits all formula when it comes to beauty. “I don’t feel we should all go down the path of life in the same way, because I’ve done Botox since I was 35. Everyone should be able to choose the way they go down it, with the tools they want.”


Who is Trinny London owned by? This is why Trinny London’s website currently uses a portfolio of 120 normal women, none of whom are models. Having specialized in fashion for so many years, many questioned Trinny’s bold decision to switch paths.


Who is Trinny London owned by? On what inspired her to move into beauty, Trinny told Forbes, “Whenever I’ve made over a woman, or she’s been on one of our shows, the first thing she notices is her makeup.


“A makeover for a woman is not the clothing. It’s everything together. It’s her hair, her makeup, her new skincare routine, sometimes her clothing—how she perceives herself as a result of all those things coming together.”


Who is Trinny London owned by? The business has gone from strength to strength in lockdown, becoming Europe’s fastest-growing direct-to-consumer startup, with a $250 million [£180 million] valuation in 2021, according to reporting from Forbes.

Has Trinny London Had Work Done?

Has Trinny London Had Work Done

Has Trinny London Had work done? Trinny Woodall is still looking for the perfect pout as she shows off her newly plumped lips.


She is a self-avowed Botox fan and has made no secret of her desire to have plastic surgery if she believes she requires it.


But it was Trinny Woodall’s overly inflated lips that raised eyebrows when she stepped out last night.


Has Trinny London Had work done? Last night, the 45-year-old presenter wore her large pout to a function celebrating the 135th anniversary of the Criterion Restaurant in London.


She was accompanied by a male guest and was dressed for the occasion in an LBD and a faux fur coat.


Miss Woodall, who rose to fame with her friend Susannah Constantine on What Not To Wear, has made a living by telling people how to make the most of what nature has given them.

But, in 2006, she admitted that she had been getting biannual Botox injections for years to help her with her wrinkles.


‘I’ve had Botox for seven years and I’m glad I did it,’ she said.

‘The person I’m seeing is adamant that it’s all about prevention.’ I’d like to never need a facelift.’

Has Trinny London Had work done? When asked if she would consider having plastic surgery last year, she replied, ‘I’m definitely having surgery.’


The key is to be subtle. I despise the Hollywood look that makes people look like dolls.’

However, she recently denied having collagen injections to plump her lips.

Has Trinny London Had work done? ‘I was told I’d had my lips done, but I haven’t.’ ‘I’ve had these my entire life and I adore them,’ she explained. In 2008, Miss Woodall divorced her millionaire businessman husband, Johnny Elichaoff.

What Does Trinny Use On Her Skin?

What Does Trinny Use On Her Skin

What does Trinny use on her skin? Trinny begins each video sitting under a fluorescent light without a skerrick of makeup on, often using herself as the model, makeup artist, and cameraman in her Instagram beauty how-tos.


While we’re interested in learning all of her tips and tricks for applying her dual-purpose Lip2Cheek Pots ($45, Trinny London), it’s the steps before she paints her face that have us most intrigued.


What does Trinny use on her skin? Here are all of her anti-aging secrets, from the ingredients and methods she swears by to the ones that will jeopardize your health decades from now.


  1. A regular skin care routine


If you were hoping to achieve Trinny’s youthful complexion in just a few steps, we’re sorry to disappoint you.


Trinny admitted, “my skin care routine is complicated,” when discussing her active ingredient-rich and daily facial massage regimen.


What does Trinny use on her skin? She begins her mornings with a cleansing balm and vitamin C serum, followed by her best-selling tinted moisturizer, the Trinny London BFF Skin Perfector ($65).


While she doesn’t specify which products she uses, we recommend Glow Lab Age Renew® Cleansing Balm ($12, Chemist Warehouse) and Alpha-Vitamin H’s C ($71.96, Adore Beauty).


At night, it’s all about the double cleanse and active layering. “I clean my skin twice at night,” she explained, “once with a balm and then with an AHA BHA PHA gel.” For the latter, we recommend some Bi Mi Real Cica 92% Cool Calming Soothing Gel ($23.90, Lila Beauty).


“I’ll do a little acid, retinol, and finish with a peptide,” she said.


  1. Botox for prevention


Trinny, on the other hand, has no qualms about discussing her injectable treatments.


“I’ve been getting Botox since I was 35,” she admitted. “I started it because I had terrible forehead movement when I first started in television, and I have a deep forehead.”


Trinny credits her crease-free forehead to injectables, despite the fact that it was a relatively new procedure at the time. “Back then, Botox was in its infancy, but I figured why not?” I’m now 58, and I’ve never had lines on my brow as a result.”


  1. Sugar abstinence


What does Trinny use on her skin? Trinny uses a variety of ingredients to keep her skin healthy, but one in particular she avoids: sugar.


“Most people, if they have rosacea or blemishes or anything like that, sugar is a major inflamer,” she explained, adding that sugar’s damaging effect on the skin has been underappreciated in comparison to that of alcohol, cigarettes, and sun damage.


“Inflammation is much more noticeable in women during menopause.” So if I eat a chocolate bar full of s**t, my ankles swell due to inflammation.”


Is it, however, as simple as tuning in to your body to say no to dessert? Well, it is for Trinny. “I listen to my body when it tells me not to eat the second bar of chocolate.” It is not about depriving people of life’s pleasures, but rather about striking a balance.”


So, how does she fill the void left by these sugary treats? Peanut butter and dark chocolate apple slices


Trinny also stated, “I want to be 80 running up the hill and I want to help women appreciate the holistic approach while reducing our sugar levels because inflammatory markers are the basis of many serious illnesses.”


And at 58 looking as good as she does, we’re definitely taking notes.

Why Is Trinny Called Trinny?

Why Is Trinny Called Trinny

Why is Trinny called Trinny? Trinny Woodall is a well-known British television personality and businesswoman. Sarah-Jane Duncanson Woodall was born in London and began her career as a personal assistant to a commodity trader at the age of eighteen.


Why is Trinny called Trinny? But fashion and makeovers have always been her first loves, and she began practicing the art while still in high school and continued to do so while working in the commodity market. However, she only began doing it professionally after meeting columnist Susannah Constantine at the age of thirty.


At thirty-two, she began co-writing a column called ‘Ready to Wear’ with Constantine, and she soon appeared on television with her in a daytime shopping show.


Why is Trinny called Trinny?However, they did not become household names until they began their makeover reality television show, What Not to Wear, on BBC Two. They have several awards and have successfully launched many business ventures. They are also known as successful fashion writers.


Why is Trinny called Trinny? When Trinny was five years old, she was sent back from school because she had cut off another student’s plait. It prompted cartoonist Ronald Searle, who was also a family friend, to compare her with the St Trinian girl and somehow the name Trinny stuck to her.

Is Trinny London Makeup Non-Comedogenic?

Is Trinny London Makeup Non Comedogenic

Is Trinny London Makeup Non-Comedogenic? BFF Rebalance is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores, and was designed to provide soft, matte coverage while helping to control blemishes.


Is Trinny London Makeup Non-Comedogenic? ‘When I had badly congested skin, it was so difficult to find a product that gave me enough coverage, wasn’t too shiny, and wouldn’t actually make my skin worse by wearing it,’ said Trinny Woodall in a press release.


‘From this arose BFF Rebalance, a skincare-makeup hybrid that provides just the right amount of coverage while assisting in the treatment of congested skin.’


If you’re wondering “Is Trinny London Makeup Non-Comedogenic?” the new BFF Rebalance keeps skin balanced and healthy, it’s largely due to the added skincare ingredients, such as niacinamide, which helps control blemishes and prevent future congestion by reducing excess oil and the appearance of pores.


Is Trinny London Makeup Non-Comedogenic? The lightweight and breathable formula comes in 14 stretchable shades to accommodate all skin tones.

Trinny London Stockists

Trinny London Stockists

Trinny London Stockists. Trinny London announced a partnership with Selfridges to launch its first in-store concept in three UK cities: Birmingham, London, and Manchester. Trinny London fans will be invited to discover their stackable cream-based makeup range in Selfridges Birmingham from the 25th to the 31st of October 2018.


Trinny London Stockists. Trinny London brought its unique Match2Me concept to Selfridges to deliver real-life customer experiences. Match2Me is an online tool that finds the right makeup shade from Trinny London products to perfectly suit your skin, hair, and eye combination.


Customers were able to test the products in-store with the assistance of Trinny London makeup artists. 45-minute one-on-one makeup consultations will be available at the counter via All appointments cost £45 and are redeemable against purchases made on the day.


Trinny London Stockists. Trinny Woodall, the pop-up tour’s founder and makeover extraordinaire, will make appearances at each location, allowing loyal fans to meet her in person and chat all things makeup during ten-minute one-on-one ‘Trinny Time’ sessions.


Trinny London Stockists. Customers who make a purchase at the Selfridges counter will receive a Trinny Time ticket, which will allow them to return to meet Trinny at the designated times.

How old is Trinny Woodall?

How old is Trinny Woodall

How old is Trinny Woodall? Fashion expert who rose to prominence after co-hosting the BBC’s What Not to Wear with Susannah Constantine. The pair later published a book with the same title. They published nearly a dozen fashion advice books and hosted a number of fashion shows during their career.


How old is Trinny Woodall? Lyla, her daughter, was born in 2003 after she married Johnny Elichaoff in 1999. The couple divorced in 2008, and Elichaoff died in 2014.


How old is Trinny Woodall?After a decade in marketing, she met Susannah Constantine in 1994 and began writing for the Daily Telegraph together. Ready to Wear was the name of their joint column.


In 2001, she co-founded the online fashion advice company


How old is Trinny Woodall? Trinny Woodall’s height at the age of 58 is 5ft 10in (178cm).


She was a regular on This Morning in 2016, which was hosted by Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Eamonn Holmes, and Ruth Langsford.

Where To buy Trinny London

Where To buy Trinny London

Where to buy Trinny London. The beauty brand has quickly gained traction on social media, with 1 million users following it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn how to find the right shade for their skin tone, hair color, and eye color combination.


Where to buy Trinny London. “As I traveled the world, I created my own personalized makeup kit.” In search of the perfect tone and consistency, I would combine a stick foundation with a liquid and a lip tint with a gloss.


I mixed colors and decanted them into small pots. At the time, I reasoned that there had to be a better way.


“After three years of experimenting, planning, developing formulas, and using cutting-edge technology to determine which makeup truly suits women, the big idea was born: Trinny London, the ultimate easy, modern, do-it-all, premium makeup brand,” Trinny Woodall said.


Where to buy Trinny London. “I am thrilled to be working with John to launch Trinny London in-store in the United States, where we will provide clients with exceptional personalized service and the best of both worlds from makeup to hair.”


Where to buy Trinny London. The cosmetics brand, which was founded few years ago, is now available online in over 65 countries. It signed a retail deal with Selfridges last year and opened pop-up shops in the department store’s London, Manchester, and Birmingham locations.

Trinny London UK

Trinny London UK

Trinny London UK. Woodall, who co-hosted the brilliant – and often brutal – fashion makeover show What Not To Wear with Susannah Constantine in the noughties, has seamlessly transitioned from our TV screens to our Instagram feeds, and is now a totally compelling online beauty sensation.


Trinny London UK. Located at Cambridge House, 16 High Street, Saffron Walden, Essex CB10 1AX, United Kingdom.


Trinny London, the customisable, stackable makeup pots she launched last year, has grown in popularity, and the brand has opened its first ever London pop-up shop today, in a space within The Shop at Bluebird on Duke Street, just across the street from Selfridges.


Trinny London UK. Customers were able to attend masterclasses hosted by Woodall and book makeup consultations with members of her team from Wednesday, May 30 to Saturday, June 9.


Strikes are planned as unions reject a ‘unacceptable’ council pay offer. Customers who book one of the 45-minute “Match2Me” consultations with one of the brand’s professional makeup artists will receive a personalized makeup lesson, as well as advice on which products are best suited to them and how to use them.


Trinny London UK. To reserve an appointment, you must pay a £45 deposit, which is redeemable against products on the day.


Trinny also hosted two exclusive masterclasses with Cha Cha, the brand’s makeup artist. They offered top tips on makeup application, day-to-night looks, how to create the perfect smokey eye, and more on Tuesday, June 5 and Thursday, June 7.


The Trinny London pop-up will be held at The Shop at Bluebird, 55 Duke Street, W1K 5NR, from May 30 to June 9.

Trinny London Makeup

Trinny London Makeup

Trinny London makeup. Trinny Woodall is back with three new multitasking makeup brushes, following her foray into skincare earlier this year, when she launched cleansers, exfoliators, retinal, vitamin C, and most recently moisturisers in rapid succession.


Trinny Woodall’s makeup brand, Trinny London makeup, has impressively launched a line of coveted products that includes silky cleansers, exfoliating acids, complexion-boosting moisturisers, retinoids, and one of the best vitamin C serums.


Now, she’s returning to her makeup roots with T-Brushes, a trio of “multitasking, mistake-proof” makeup brushes. According to the brand, the brushes were originally designed for exclusive use by her team of makeup artists, but she has decided to share the love after “countless requests” from her followers.


Trinny already owns T-Kit, a £28, stackable 3-IN-1 Brush Set designed for travel and on-the-go touch-ups for eyes, lips, and brows. Meanwhile, her new brushes will take care of your foundation needs.


They’re made from sustainable birch and ultra-soft vegan fibers, and they’re supposed to absorb less product, so you’ll waste less of your favorite skin tint. A dense, dome-shaped Complexion T-Brush, £28; a fluffy, slightly tapered Blush/Bronzer T-Brush, £26,


for adding color to cheeks; and a shorter, angled Conceal/Eye Contour T-Brush, £20, for under-eye touch-ups and targeted application Or, if you want all three, the Trinny London T-Brush Set, £59, saves you 20% and includes a cute free silver case.


Trinny London makeup latest release will undoubtedly be met with high expectations. Many of us have already fallen in love with her hero makeup line, and one product from her BFF line, which includes an SPF, a foundation, and a concealer, is sold every four seconds.


Meanwhile, some of its most popular products have amassed wait lists of up to 15,000 people. Trinny London Miracle Blur £26, a skin-smoothing primer, has sold out four times since its release, with one sold every 23 seconds currently.


Trinny London makeup took the skincare market by storm earlier this year, releasing a pair of silky cleansers, three exfoliants, and two retinoid serums in record time.


Bounce Back Intense Peptide Moisturiser, £49, a youth-boosting “hug for the face” powered by peptides and hyaluronic acid, and Energise Me Niacinamide Moisturiser, £42, formulated to recharge stressed skin, hydrate, and even tone and texture.

Trinny London reviews

Trinny London reviews

Trinny London reviews. Trinny Woodall is well-known. You’re probably familiar with the television presenter and host as one half of What Not To Wear’s Trinny and Susannah, where fashion was clearly her strong suit. Trinny London, her namesake makeup brand, has recently expanded into the beauty industry.


Trinny London is one-of-a-kind. Instead of bulky palettes and tubes, it features stackable, portable pots of cream lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, and other cosmetics. According to the brand, personalization is the name of the game, with countless shades and finishes to suit a “unique combination of skin, hair, and eyes.”


It’s easy to dismiss Trinny London as just another celebrity cosmetics line, but the What Not To Wear makeover guru’s eponymous line is well worth your time.


When Trinny Woodall first entered the beauty industry five years ago, she was focused on a streamlined make-up bag and a simple routine, with a range of cream-formula, multipurpose products housed in pots that click together to form a stack – ideal for getting ready on the go.


While the line has expanded to include skincare and non-stackable beauty, the ethos has not changed. The products are simple to use, beautifully buildable and blendable, and an excellent choice for low-key, low-maintenance makeup.


There are tones to suit every coloring and situation, and there’s a clever “Match2Me” service on the website that asks you questions about your eye color, skin tone, and other factors before recommending the products that will work best for you.


The skincare line is similarly straightforward, with cleansers, exfoliators, and newly released retinol serums. They’re also all refillable, allowing you to reduce packaging waste.


Trinny London BFF SPF 30 cream skin perfector


Best: overall


10 out of 10


Trinny London reviews. This product will quickly become your best friend. It has a hydrating, tinted moisturiser-like feel on the skin, fair, buildable coverage for when you need a little more coverage, and a natural, glowing finish.


The formula appears light green when applied to skin, but it contains tiny capsules of pigment that burst once massaged in; we recommend applying it directly to your face rather than to the back of your hand first to avoid wasting any pigment.


Trinny London eye2eye

Best: Eye shadow.


10 out of 10


Trinny London’s Eye2Eye has long been one of our favorite products. Because the eyeshadows are lightweight and buildable, they can be used to create a light wash of color or a bold pop of colour.


They’re also pretty enough to wear as a single color, especially the shimmery ones, making them ideal for lazy days when you don’t want to faff with palettes and brushes. For an easygoing liner, we take a darker shade on the side of our little finger and smudge it at the outer corner of the eye. Our favourite color is “victory,” a warm gold that looks great on all skin tones.


Trinny London be your best enzyme balm cleanser

Cleanser is the best.


8 out of 10


The enzyme balm cleanser is an unusual combination: it has a balm texture and comes in a pump bottle. It’s liquid enough to work the dispenser but thick enough not to run between your fingers like oil.


Furthermore, not dipping your fingers into a pot is far more sanitary. Massage the product into your face to remove all make-up (including waterproof eye make-up), then wipe away with the included muslin cloth. It cleanses the skin effectively and nourishingly, leaving it clean and clear but not tight or dry.


Trinny London golden glow

Bronzer is the best.


7 out of 10


Trinny London reviews. This is a light, flattering bronzer that glides beautifully across the skin and is semi-sheer rather than cakey or unnaturally dark. Sweep it along your cheekbones, down your nose bridge, and around the sides of your forehead.


Patting on a cream bronzer with your fingers allows for a more precise application than a brush and powder, making it a low-risk way to experiment with contouring. It comes in four shades, but the range is adequate, particularly at the lighter and darker ends of the spectrum.


Trinny London lash2brow

Best: Multi-purpose item


6 out of 10


This is a great handbag item because it covers your lashes and brows in one product, but it’s also one of the best brow gels we’ve ever used. The colors are perfectly neutral, rather than overly warm, and the formula coats and fills in any gaps in your hair.


To avoid unnatural heaviness at either end, begin the application in the center of your brows, where the hair is naturally densest, as the first few swipes will carry the most product. Unfortunately, the mascara is a little clumpy, but it does the job when you’re on the go.


Trinny London reveal yourself AHA exfoliant

Best: Exfoliant.


9 out of 10


Trinny London reviews. Another brilliant skincare formulation, this is a leave-on exfoliant that doesn’t require the use of a cotton pad to apply, making it hassle-free and ideal for travel. Apply nightly for smoother, softer, clearer skin.


The brand has three exfoliants of varying acid type (PHA, BHA, and AHA) and strength, so you can start with the most sensitive of the three, “tiptoe in,” if you’re new to acid exfoliation, and gradually work your way up to using nightly from a couple of times per week.


Trinny London overnight clarity retinal/niacinamide serum

Best: Serum.


10 out of 10


Retinal is a vitamin A derivative that requires little conversion on the skin, allowing it to be as effective as possible while causing the least amount of irritation. It also contains niacinamide, which aids in the clearing of congested skin and the relief of inflammation.


Our tester’s skin looked brighter and smoother after just a few days of use. The combination is ideal for those in their forties who are bothered by wrinkles and breakouts.

Trinny London Amazon

Trinny London Amazon

Trinny London Amazon. Trinny London debuted in 2017 and has since become one of Europe’s fastest-growing beauty brands, owing to its direct-to-consumer ecommerce model and highly effective email and social media marketing strategy.


Trinny London Amazon. With wide range of products to buy from, amazon has become the main place to purchase your Trinny London makeup.


However, as chief technology officer Taher Khaliq explains, the ‘tech-first’ ecommerce brand’s rapid growth brought with it its own set of challenges.


“We grew from a small start-up to a team of 150+ people working for a company with truly global reach, shipping to 180 countries.” their  product line has grown as well; they had 16+ launches last year alone, and launched a new skincare line earlier this year.


Trinny London Amazon. They are primarily an ecommerce company with physical touchpoints such as concessions in select retail stores throughout the UK and abroad, as well as pop ups. As a tech-first company, our website is critical to reflecting our brand ethos.


They use a personalized approach to make-up and skincare, and we have an online recommendation tool, Match2Me, that allows customers to create their own profile. They want to educate and assist customers in determining what is best for them. In short, if someone leaves their website with a better understanding of themselves


This expansion brings with it some challenges: how can we improve our systems while still providing an innovative customer experience?


When start-ups reach the stage of rapid expansion, it is critical to maintain the key ingredients that have contributed to the company’s success: quick thinking and innovation. However, the risks have increased; we cannot simply halt operations in order to evolve our systems.


They address this by finding the right tools for the job, but also ones that allow us to personalize them to our specific needs. Many of their applications, for example, are headless. They avoid one-size-fits-all solutions, but this comes with additional costs and challenges.


Trinny London Amazon. When you rely on multiple suppliers, you have many dependencies for change and it can be more difficult to make quick adjustments. The answers lie in having expertise on hand.


Their in-house tech team currently accounts for one-quarter of the total company. As a result, we try to take as much ownership of third-party systems as we can and acquire the tools to manage them ourselves. Despite the fact that this increases our workload, it allows us to be more transformative and agile.


These efforts are aided by employee engagement and the development of a positive company culture. Their recruitment process enables us to hire colleagues who are a good fit for our current culture and can shape the future of our company.


They want to foster cross-departmental collaboration so that colleagues can communicate and see what’s going on across the organization. Every team is involved and knows their role. The goal is to create a series of “mini startups” in which colleagues are not constrained by a large number of processes and are empowered to innovate and make decisions based on guidelines.

Trinny London Products

Trinny London Products

Trinny London products. Since its debut in 2017, Trinny Woodall’s eponymous makeup and skincare line has been a staple in our makeup bags. Forget about ingredients you can’t even pronounce and products that require a lot of skill to apply.


The best Trinny London products produce professional results while remaining straightforward. Consider makeup that can be applied with your fingers (and is matched to your skin tone online via the match2me service) and skincare that is free of fillers. It’s no surprise that the Trinny Tribe (yes, there is such a thing) is obsessed.


Over the last four years,’s products have sold out after sell-out after sell-out. Miracle Blur sells one pot every 23 seconds (it has sold out four times since its launch – once in 24 hours), while the cult BFF Range (BFF SPF, BFF De-Stress, BFF Eye) sells one product every four seconds.


Trinny London products. In other news, the T-Kit Brush Set (a brilliant 3-in-1 makeup brush) amassed a 15,000-person waitlist after flying off the shelves after its initial release. That is no small feat.


But Trinny’s success isn’t limited to cosmetics. Trinny London’s skincare journey began relatively recently, with the introduction of two nourishing cleansers: the Better Off gel cleanser and the Be Your Best Enzyme Balm cleanser.


Trinny then took us through the next chapter of her skincare line, exfoliants, which combine highly active, glow-boosting acid exfoliants with nourishing, hydrating ingredients to support the skin barrier and help you achieve your skin goals.


Recently, the beauty mogul released three new serums from the Trinny London products: the Overnight Clarity and Overnight Sensation retinal serums (designed for use after cleansing and exfoliating and before a luxe moisturiser), the Boost Up 30% Vitamin C Serum for face, and two (!) moisturisers. And they’re all fantastic.


Interested in seeing what all the fuss is about? Today, May 31, Trinny London is having a Summer sale. The sale is only available for 24 hours (from 8 a.m. on May 31st to 8 a.m. on June 1st), and you can get 10% off all products (excluding gift cards and virtual appointments) on site. There is no need for a code because the discount is applied automatically.

Trinny London match to me

Trinny London match to me

Trinny London match to me. Match2Me is our cutting-edge online tool that customizes transformative makeup and skincare routines for you.


Simply answer five quick questions and they’ll deliver a curated selection of products and colors that bring out the best in your unique combination of skin, hair, and eye color.


For a personalized skincare routine, we’ll ask you a few questions about your skin, life, and skin goals, and Trinny London match to me will create an easy-to-follow routine that’s completely tailored to you (including how much of each product you should use, and how often you should use it).


Trinny London match to me. Trinny Woodall believes that the perfect makeup is more than just a person’s skin tone, and that it is a combination of skin, hair, and eye color.


Trinny London match to me. This combination of characteristics is what distinguishes people, which is why she developed the Match2Me technology at Trinny London. Customers can use the company’s website’s profiling tool to find the colors that best suit them.

Trinny London BFF

Trinny London BFF

Trinny London BFF. There’s a reason why everyone loves Trinny London. Trinny London was founded by Trinny Woodall and is known for its easy-to-use makeup for the on-the-go person, with stackable easy-to-carry products and tools that will help you rethink, refine, and simplify your makeup routine.


She has since expanded into skincare, but the hybrid is what drew us all in. Her most recent release, the Trinny London BFF  Rebalance Tinted Serum, functions as a high coverage tinted moisturizer with super active skincare properties.


“I’ve spoken to so many women who have to choose between healthy skin and good coverage on a daily basis, and I wanted to find a solution for that,” says Trinny Woodall. That brings us to the BFF Rebalance. It’s all in the name: chlorella vulgaris, a microbe that fights skin inflammation and controls shine and oil to keep everything balanced all day.


Trinny London BFF also has niacinamide, which helps control blemishes, and avocado extract, which soothes and calms the skin. But don’t be fooled by the word serum; there are 14 shades to choose from, and the product claims to provide excellent coverage from day to night.


Trinny London BFF De-Stress has low to medium buildable coverage that can be expected to cover rosacea. We would recommend discussing using BFF De-Stress with your local GP, and carrying out a patch test by applying the product behind the ear or on the inner forearm at least 48 hours prior, to observe any potential reaction to the product.

Trinny London Conclusion

Trinny London Conclusion

Trinny London Conclusion. In a nutshell, the products are effective. Instead of a slew of incomprehensible and unfamiliar ingredients, the skincare employs science-backed formulas that address your specific skin concerns – no nonsense here. This philosophy is shared by the brand’s makeup, which frequently blurs the lines between skincare and cosmetics.


Trinny London Conclusion. Not only that, but the brand has cleverly avoided the common issues associated with purchasing makeup online. Instead of worrying about whether that lippie will look good on you, the website has a clever match2me service that allows you to enter your eye color, hair color, and skin tone to find the perfect shade.

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